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Mother Earth Dresses in Polychromatic Apparel- Fall in Canada

Its time for Mother Earth to dress in a kaleidoscope before she sheds the dead and wears white again. Every season in Canada is so eye-pleasing and picture-perfect, Mother Nature has blessed this land with rich natural beauty. Autumn is a perfect time to visit Canada if you love multiple shades and vibrant landscapes. Weather is pleasant, not too hot or too cold, the light jacket can keep you warm when you choose to hike or trail in any of the provincial or conservation parks.

Mill Pond, Milton, ON

Laurier Avenue, Milton, ON

Niagara Escarpment and Conservation Halton surround Milton, Ontario. Milton is also among the fastest-growing cities in Canada and owns some of the best farms and provincial parks in GTA. If you love Fall colors, driving to Halton Hills can solve the purpose. You must plan a trip here, if you havent done it so, its worth it.

Kelso Conservation Area, Halton Hills

Rattlesnake Park, Halton Hills.

All four seasons of Canada are so magnificent and ecstatic, just love all of them.