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Day of Mixed Emotions For Landed Immigrants in Canada-I got my Passport!

The day has finally arrived for what youve been waiting for since the last 5 years you spent in Canada, to be called Canadians or Should I say from now on youll be Hyphenated Canadians?? Like a Chinese-Canadian, Italian-Canadian, Indian-Canadian, Russian-Canadian, British-Canadian, and so on. But can you forget the heritage you were born with or lived your life with till this date?? You still have your family back home. You can choose your wife, friends and other things in the new country but cannot forget your mother, Can you?? Its not easy and will never be. Even if you try and forget and live with your new identity, people will often ask you, Where are you from?? Your answer, Canada of course (now since youre a citizen) but theyll never forget to ask you, Where are your parents from?? J Your family heritage lives with you forever.

Canada is a land of unprecedented opportunities, the worlds best country to live in and raise kids; its a land of unmatched opportunities, a land where you dont have to leave the heritage youve lived with, a land which is peaceful, full of natural resources, a land where you own freedom of rights and responsibilities, rights of speech. Canada is a country free of race and religion. It has been attracting a lot of immigrants from around of the world to have the quality of life they deserve. Canada is a land ofMulticulturalism. Canada is a land of immigrants.

Its a day of mixed emotions as you get birth in one continent and die in another. One is your motherland n another is a land where one works, some of the destiny, some of a choice. You shall live where your bread n butter is destined. In other words, On every grain is written the name of the person who will eat it. Fate has already decided who will eat a particular grain of rice, and we cannot change it.
An event that is destined to occur will certainly occur. I strongly believe in it.
It is the day of mixed emotions coz you surrender your national identity (passports). Its the day of mixed emotions coz now youll now be a citizen of another heritage. This day didnt approach easily; it has taken almost 5 years of your life with some of the good days n bad. Some days, you struggled to live, finding jobs, looked for accommodations, encountered harsh weather, you even got depressed multiple times and thought if you could only leave at that moment and never be back. You were working as a Chemical Engineer back home and after landing here, youve to work as a taxi driver initially. You were a doctor back home and when you applied for jobs, no one even looked at your CV, they only ask for Canadian Experience. You had to clear multiple Canadian exams to get the same level you were before. A start-up in any new country is never trouble-free.

The only way to get to your own industry here in Canada is to volunteer your hours in the same industry youd been working for, soon theyll notice your capabilities and slowly youll get in there. Its not going to be very easy but slowly, hopefully, youll reach there. If you flourish, the country flourishes. The point is never losing hope. Volunteering in your community /industry is the best opportunity to learn and experience Canadian culture/people.

For me, the last 5 years were not easy either, Id to live and manage alone on my own with kids, I spent many days when I was quite depressed. I have accomplished things; I had never done before in my life. Spoiled by housemaids, settling down in this country wasnt easy for me. Though I didnt have to explore the job market, I had to still pass my drivers and English language test here. Cannot forget how stressful the drive tests were! This was my 3rd country to attempt the driving tests. This country has almost taught me everything; from shoveling the driveway to gardening, in a way its good to be independent.

Im sad that from now on Ill have to seek permission to enter my own motherland but happy that my entry wont be denied for most of the countries in the world. My children will be studying the best n shall live in a free environment. As a parent, this is very important for us to raise our kids in a community that brings the best in them.

The best part is, I have the power to vote. Since Canadian Federal elections are approaching soon, I cannot wait to cast the first vote of my life. Ive never voted in my life,The first thing after the Oath Ceremony was to register on Election Canadas website, hoping to volunteer as well,

My verdict, Canada does feel like Home.