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The Holiday Season is coming. What will I do?

Magic, snow, and festive vibes everywhere call my name to get up and start enjoying the season.

The flurries touched the ground this morning as if God were scattering a bunch of white butterflies, thin as glass. It brought the wind so cold together with it and the message that the Holiday season was coming. The houses in my neighborhood, wrapped in red, golden, and green lights, screamed to confirm. 


Miracles, hope, and the season's uplifted spirit make me believe more. The Christmas tree and ornaments in the boxes packed from the last season yelled at me. Are you not going to let us see the sunshine this year? What's keeping you from touching the excitement this season? What about the letter to Santa Claus? Are you not secretly hiding it this year? My son, a gift of the Holiday season, whined in front of me. Red and golden balls danced in my dream, asking me to be kind and open the dusty treasures hidden from my daily eyes. 


"Lift yourself, create joy, and spread cheers for yourself and those around you," a voice in my head repeated. 

The sun defeated the gloomy skies and shone in my window; its rays pierced through the clouds, warming the room and dispelling the gray shadows: a confirmation, a signal for me to move on. The grey skies disappeared quickly, allowing the sun to shine even brighter. Alone at my desk, I thought of this miracle. The morning, which began with gloom, turned into glee. I must confront myself and get to work.


I push myself to go to the basement to bring the boxes up. My eyes now anxiously wait for the youngest, whose eyes light when I discuss decorating the house. Tonight, we shall put up our Christmas tree and hang the ornaments. We will bring the streamers out and wrap the poles and stairs with them. We must write a letter to Santa, thank him for all the beautiful things that happened last year, and wish for the best in the upcoming year. 


This holiday season, we shall enjoy it with friends and family and remember those we lost along the way.