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The Prophecy Paradox: The Power and Perils of Seeing the Future is out now! Order your copy on Amazon!

What an auspicious time for me to share this news! As Christians observe Lent, Ramadan commences tomorrow, and today marks the start of the Hindu calendar, I am thrilled to announce a significant milestone in my writing journey.
I have been blogging since 2015, starting with travel blogs and later expanding to business articles and interviews. However, this marks the beginning of my journey as a writer.
I am excited to share that I have just published a book online, titled The Prophecy Paradox: The Power and Perils of Seeing the Future. I am grateful for the inspiration and support from my family and writer's circle friends in Milton, who have been instrumental in helping me realize my dream of writing a book, especially my son Ayan.
The inspiration for this book seemed to come out of nowhere, but I felt compelled to write it and share it with the world. I believe this is just the beginning of my writing career, and I hope to continue to receive blessings from God.
For centuries, people have been fascinated by the concept of prophecy, seeking to unravel the mysteries of what the future may hold. These predictions have been deeply ingrained in human culture and religion for millennia, ranging from biblical prophecies such as the Last Judgement, to the end-time prophecies of various Native American tribes. Hinduism speaks of the Kalki Avatar prophecy, while Buddhism focuses on the Maitreya prophecy. Islamic eschatology foretells of a coming apocalypse, and both Jewish end of days prophecies and Zoroastrian Frashokereti prophecy predict a time of reckoning. Despite their many differences, these prophetic traditions all share a common thread: the belief that the end of the world is near, and that salvation can be found only by following the teachings of one's respective faith. The revelation of these predictions continues to fascinate scholars and believers alike.
The book is now available on Amazon in e-book, paperback, and hardcover formats.Here's the link,
Please have a read, I'd really appreciate your feedback and don't forget to leave a review.
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