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Unforgettable Experience: Attending the La Mar Launch Event at Atlantis the Royal

The buzz surrounding Atlantis the Royal, an exclusive luxury resort, has taken the world by storm. From the moment of its launch, the event has been the talk of the town, with a who's who of Hollywood, Bollywood, and media personalities from around the globe attending.

The atmosphere at the launch event was electric, with guests dressed to the nines in their finest attire. The opulence of the resort was on full display, with lavish decorations and stunning views of the ocean.

Among the many celebrities in attendance, Beyonce stole the show with her stunning fashion choices. Her exquisite, uniquely crafted costumes turned heads and sparked a social media frenzy, with her pictures going viral in a matter of hours. People from all walks of life couldn't stop talking about her and her incredible sense of style, making her the talk of every household.

Our company had the privilege of being invited to attend the highly-anticipated launch event of La Mar, a new restaurant located in the prestigious Atlantis the Royal resort. Known for his status as Peru's most influential chef, Gastón Acurio's highly acclaimed cuisine is at the heart of this new dining experience.
The event was a true showcase of the vibrancy and diversity of Peruvian gastronomy, with guests from all over the world coming together to indulge in an evening of fine dining. The venue was a sight to behold, with breathtaking views of the ocean and exquisite decor that added to the overall ambiance of the occasion.
The event was a true testament to Chef Acurio's talent and his dedication to showcasing the best of Peru's cuisine. From the carefully crafted cocktails to the artfully presented dishes, every aspect of the meal was designed to take guests on a culinary journey through the flavors of Peru.

Our company frequently receives invitations from the media, but the opportunity to visit the new Atlantis the Royal was one that we simply couldn't pass up. The hotel had been the talk of the town for years leading up to its opening, and we were eager to experience its grandeur firsthand.

Upon arrival, we couldn't help but be in awe of the hotel's impressive architecture. The towering structure had a unique shape that reminded us of the colossal towers we used to build with Legos as kids. The attention to detail in its design was simply breathtaking, with every element contributing to an overall feeling of luxury and elegance.
Upon arriving at the Royal Atlantis, we immediately noticed a difference in the entrance compared to the old Atlantis. Instead of being transported to an underwater world, we were greeted with a modern entrance featuring trendy chandeliers. While my eyes were searching for the wow factor that would take my breath away, I couldn't help but appreciate the chic and stylish lobby.

As we made our way past the reception, we were greeted by a stunning floral setup that begged to be captured on camera. To the left, there were several high-end shops selling exquisite labels. A friendly staff member dressed in blue showed us the way to La Mar, where we were greeted by another lady who lit the path for us.
Despite being excited to experience the new restaurant, I couldn't help but keep my eyes peeled for the grand lobby that the Royal Atlantis is known for. As we walked further into the space, a tall, bubbly structure made of steel came into view. The giant hall was surrounded by seating arrangements and a family-friendly restaurant, with yet another stunning floral display adding to the overall ambiance.

Feeling satisfied with my photographic efforts, I finally felt at home at the Royal Atlantis. While the entrance may have been different than what I was expecting, the beauty and attention to detail found throughout the resort left me in awe.

As we made our way through the Royal Atlantis, we came across the Havas Media staff who were all dressed in black and busy checking in the invited guests. We were delighted to find that our names were already on the list, and we were instructed to take the stairs upstairs.

As we ascended the stairs, a man sitting halfway up welcomed us with the sound of a drum-like instrument. It was a unique touch that added to the overall experience of the event. Upon reaching the top of the stairs, we were greeted by servers standing at the entrance with drinks in hand.
The attention to detail and level of hospitality were impressive, and it was clear that no expense was spared in creating a truly unforgettable event. As we made our way further into the venue, we couldn't help but feel excited about what was in store for us.

As we arrived upstairs, we were greeted by an incredibly hip scene. The room was filled with elegantly dressed ladies and gentlemen, all donning their best fashionable attire. It felt as if we had stumbled upon the after-party of a high-end fashion show. I couldn't help but take a quick glance at myself to ensure I wasn't underdressed, but I was relieved to find that I looked great too.

Outside on the terrace, a live musician was playing, and a DJ was spinning the latest tracks, creating an electric atmosphere that filled the entire space. Despite not knowing anyone at the event, we decided to head to the bartender and order some drinks. The bartender offered us some tantalizing cocktail options, each one presented in a glass adorned with tropical fruits and flowers. The cocktails looked so enticing that we couldn't resist trying a few.

The variety of Peruvian gastronomy options available for food was impressive. As we found a spot on the couch, we requested something vegetarian from the waiter. He returned with a plate of potato rolls, which were accompanied by two different sauces. The green sauce had a hint of green pepper, while the white sauce had a stronger cheese flavor. The desserts were also quite delicious.

My husband thoroughly enjoyed the burgers and other non-vegetarian dishes served. Although it was challenging to hear the waiter explaining the names of each dish due to the crowd, we were able to enjoy the food nonetheless. After some time, we ran into some old friends, and we had a great time catching up and laughing together.
The view from the terrace was truly stunning, and we couldn't help but take a moment to appreciate the impressive scenery. Overall, our experience at Atlantis the Royal and La Mar was unforgettable, and we were extremely grateful for their outstanding hospitality. We left the event feeling content and happy, with one more item checked off our bucket list.I've posted the videos on my Instagram, YouTube and Tiktok handles. If you're following me, you will find it there.