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"The Trade-Off: A Journey of Migration and the Cost of a Better Life"

As millions of qualified individuals from India and its neighboring countries set out in search of a better life, they are lured by the promise of better infrastructure, higher salaries, and a more fulfilling lifestyle. With its glitz and glamour, the Western world proves too tempting to resist. But as they leave behind the country of their birth and upbringing, they cannot foresee the sacrifices they would have to make.

For many, the journey is a trade-off between financial stability and the love and companionship of their family. The dream of a better life keeps them going as they toil away in low-wage jobs. The western world doesn't care about what job role they are employed for if they worked at a low wage salary to install their feet in the new country. The avidity of holding a new passport suffices the long hours in the snow. The success stories of other immigrants bring a ray of hope on tiresome nights. Owning a home one day, kids access the best schools and healthcare. Kind-hearted neighborhood and community, what else does one need? Obtaining permanent residence or a new passport is a dream and can bring many advantages to an individual. They can travel the world with a unique perspective, and live the life they desire, be it in terms of education, career, or lifestyle choices. Overall, it can open up many doors and provide a sense of freedom and flexibility in one's life. Now, that's a big reason to continue!

But as they finally achieve their goals, they realize something needs to be added. They long for the love and company of their parents and siblings, and the memories of their homeland haunt them. They save up, take a trip back home, and live lavishly for a few weeks. Back to the labyrinth, they must return. The house and the better lifestyle, which once was a luxury, become a necessity. Finding a way back is not possible now. The new country becomes home, and the home they once grew in only remains in sweet memories of the past.

In the act of unweaving and weaving in life, they couldn't help but realize how much their parents had aged in their absence. The once vibrant figures were now burdened by the weight of old age, their energy depleted and their bodies frail. Despite the longing to be by their side, they couldn't change the reality of the distance that had grown between them. Sadly, for some, the opportunity to say goodbye was lost forever.

For those who stayed behind, the struggle is different. They grapple with cut-throat competition and the pressure of societal expectations. But they have the love and support of their family to sustain them. And as they grow older, they find happiness in the company of their loved ones. They experience their children growing up under the observation of their grandparents.

Wait, there's another type—the ones who migrate first and call their relatives and friends abroad and help them kick-start their lives. For them, the same cycle that started back home begins in the new land. It feels like nothing has changed. They support each other and thrive together.

The definition of success is different for everyone. Still, one thing is certain - the migration of individuals from India and its neighboring countries has profoundly impacted the lives of millions of people. And as we ponder the question of who is truly happy - those who left everything behind in search of a better life or those who stayed behind with their loved ones - we can only hope that we find the answers, we seek. It is not just about the materialistic gains. It's also about the emotional and psychological cost that comes with it.

The longing for the love of the family, the guilt of leaving behind, and the pressure of societal expectations all take a toll on an individual. And as we ponder the question of who is truly happy, personal experiences and choices shape one's understanding of success and happiness.

For every choice we make, there are consequences that come with it. It's important to consider the potential outcomes and decide which one we are willing to accept before making a decision. Ultimately, the decision and its consequences are our responsibility to bear. It's up to us to choose which path to take and live with the consequences that come with it.

I've had these thoughts in my mind for some time now. Who do you think is happy? The one who left everything and started a new life in a foreign land or stayed with their parents? Or the ones who helped migrate the entire clan? Where are you sitting right now, and does your life satisfy you? Does it make you happy? Feel free to share your stories in the comments.