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Wardrobe Malfunction at the Gala event

Winning an award is a professional achievement attached to the strings of many emotions—the emotion which comes from letting your HR choose you from the entire team—a team of 20,30, 40, or 50 people in a single department. 


The emotion of seeing yourself among the industry's best talents is intriguing. Making it to the finalists, and finally standing on the big stage in front of hundreds of people and being recognized and receiving a trophy for your company's behalf and yourself. 


The emotion that boosts your pride, that feeling that tells you your hard work has paid off, is truly divine. Isn't it? I still haven't had the chance to go up on stage to receive an award for myself, but I have seen the sparkles in the eyes of the winners who walked to the stage to receive their trophies. With their tingling feet and shivering hands, they still managed to keep smiles on their glowing faces. 


Some held on to their tears when they picked up the award on the stage. A few excitedly stood to take pictures but almost left without taking their trophies. I saw their emotions, pride, and the thrill of being recognized in their fields.


Recently, during the 8th Middle East Hozpitality Excellence Awards held at the Arabian Ranches Golf Club, I had an opportunity to present awards to some winners. Our company, Hozpitality Group, hosts these awards every year. This year more than 500 people attended a gala night glittering with a glamorous audience. 


Wardrobe Malfunction


Let's talk about the wardrobe malfunction first! The world we've heard in fashion shows and significant events. The media is always talking about people having problems with their wardrobes. I'm not a celebrity, but these awards are big for us. Each year, our team works hard for months preparing for this event, and of course, it's essential to follow the dress code...which is black tie for males and gown for ladies. a leader of the company. I get more excited. It's my chance to shine, look my best, and dress the best.....not only me but the girls in my team prepare in advance to buy dresses and accessories for themselves. 


I bought a "le chateau" dress from Canada in advance this year. Golden and peach, this cut sleeves chiffon dress is designed with golden studs. It looked perfect when I tried it in the store and when I tried it again at home on the weekend. The design is good enough to hide the abdomen area. But when I tried it again the night before the event. I got stressed out to see how my arms would look flabby in the pictures. 


It made me crazy to think about all the trauma of being unable to look good, forget the best. I thought I'd look terrible. So, I took a photo and sent it to my sister for suggestions. She told me the dress looked good. If I was worried about my arms, I could instead put something on top or simply choose another dress to wear. Although I have a few dresses from past awards, I didn't want to wear any of them. The fear was building up, and my son added to it by showing me the clothes I wore at home or work. For a minute, he asked me why I was fussing, and I looked good, even in my pajamas and t-shirt. I was about to burst. I didn't know what to do. 

Then I sent the same picture to one of my friends who knows fashion and style to see if she could give me some insights. She immediately said the dress looked beautiful, except it was loose. If I could get it fixed, it would be fine, and also, my arms didn't look bad. She was right when I took that picture. The zip in the back wasn't closed, and the dress was loose in the front. Her message boosted my confidence, and I thought of doing some temporary stitches by hand. So I took out my sewing box and fixed my dress. 

But from the time I realized until I fixed it, I was freaking out. I couldn't have gone to buy a new dress that late in the night. The next day was hectic. I had to do something or wear something I didn't like. 


All the stress made me sick, and I woke up with a headache and nausea. Imagine what social trauma could do to a person. I felt terrible. Conscious about my being. I was feeling weak, but there was so much to be done. I even bought something to cover my arms. 


In the evening, I was terrified to wear the dress. I had kept an extra one just in case. When I put on the dress, in my mind, I had decided whatever it was that was what I was wearing. Period. 


And then what? The loose stitches I had attempted at home started to come out. It was showing clearly. Luckily, I remembered to keep the needle and the thread, so I ran to the bathroom and stitched it again. Now, I was confident it wouldn't show. The makeup changed everything; the dress looked great, and my staff told me my arms didn't look bad. Although, she asked me if I was going to the gym. She could see the cuts/shapes on my biceps. The dress fit perfectly.


Isn't this what we ladies/girls do? We're always in awe of our prestige, worried about what people would think of our bodies. I was also concerned and nervous about how I'd look in the photos. But once I joined the event, I forgot about everything. I wasn't scared anymore. I chose to be confident over my fear. I posed with others at the event and went on stage with pride. It was the day of achievements, and many were honored with distinctive trophies. The ambiance was full of cheerful souls. There was no place for fear. 



You can see the event coverage on this Youtube link,