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Airport is a weird place!



An airport is a weird place. I was at the airport a few weeks ago. Sitting at the departure lounge, waiting for boarding. I was thinking, how strange is this place we know as airports? Everyone who passes through the security gates boards the plane and comes here with a mindset, a plan, a feeling, and a purpose. 


There were floods of emotions in everyone's hearts. I see some people dressed in top-notch clothing and carrying branded handbags. Must they be worried about the paparazzi? Some ran behind their minor children, trying to focus on their best behaviors. Some attempted to hand over the devices to keep the calm. Some held tiny babies, worried about their first flights. I smiled through those faces and remembered my kids when they were little. 


Airport staff ensuring everything looks organized and well balanced. There were some gloomy faces, some happy ones, and some thrilled. I wondered what might be the reason. So I put my words into this poem. 


An airport is a weird place!


Exciting when you're flying for a vacation.

Sad when you're departing from home.

Spiriting when you're taking a new opportunity.

Unpleasant when you've lost a loved one.

Thrilling when you meet your loved ones.
Depleting when there are long distances.

Enticing when you're out on an adventure.

Miserable when you're leaving the family behind.


In my last 20 years of flying on International skies, I have so many memories of an airport. What is your best or worst memory? Do write in the comments!