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You want to have a balanced life? Use this 8+8+8 formula!

You want to have a balanced life? Use this 8+8+8 formula!

We're all earthlings and are here to work. In order to achieve our goals, we have to make efforts. Living about a purpose without a goal is useless. Some work hard, and some work hard.

On the contrary, I'd say I'm a morning person. All my life, I have worked through the clock. I do enjoy my job, friends, family, and some other things I like. I've noticed that my work flows effectively and efficiently on days when I start early, but sometimes, it gets really tough to focus on a specific area. Sometimes, when I have difficulty sleeping, obviously, it gets tough to rise early, and the day ahead goes berzerk.

I was listening to this one gentleman dressed in saffron clothing while finishing some chores this morning. His language was polished, and he spoke some realistic and wise words. He mentioned he had studied the biography of over 500 successful people, and all of them had one thing in common; they were all early risers. What I loved the most was the formula to lead a balanced and successful life!

Every morning, you wake up before you even touch your mobile. Work on a to-do list and write down all the things you plan to do during the day. Write the timeframe and how long it will take to finish each task, and keep crossing it one by one as you go through the day. This way, you've planned your schedule for the day. Keep a break of 15 minutes between every new task just in case you require extra time to finish your job, buy medicine, make a phone call, or do anything else unexpected that you can't think of at that moment. If you have the letter in front of you, you'll remember you need to finish this call at 10 am and meet the other person at 11:30 am. That letter will make sure you stay alert and productive at your job. Without this list, you can think of a few tasks or do something else your supervisor has asked you to do. But it will not be as rewarding as this one. You may remember half the things or leave most of them for tomorrow, delaying the process and reducing efficiency. Procrastination is very easy to take over.

Did you know the 8+8+8 formula is taught in business management classes? Where they teach you how to manage your time effectively to increase productivity. So what is this triple eight formula? Let's understand it thoroughly. We all have 24 hours in a day. It's up to us how we use it. Billionaires and successful people also have these 24 hours, just like us. What do they do that we don't? They plan their day in such a way that keeps them pushing in the right direction. And, of course, attitude is also critical.

Let's divide 24 hours into three equal parts, so we get 8 hours in each component?

The first 8 hours are to work rigorously with the right attitude and positive mindset, using your skills efficiently to be more productive at your job. Make dedicated efforts in whatever business or employment may have. Don't wait for the manager to give your tasks, create your own to-do list at your work desk each morning before you start your day. You will be surprised how high-yielding this routine can get. By the time you finish your day at work, you'll be amazed at what you could manage to do in a short period of time. Why? Because you had your day planned. Because, you want to be productive! Because you want to be successful at your job! Because you want to become better. Because, you need a promotion or want to lead the company.

The second 8 hours are to get a good night's sleep. Never compromise on your sleep. Your body needs rest to recover, recharge and refuel to work better the next day. You see not only babies but how cranky adults can get if they don't have a good rest at night. Sleep is a critical state for resting our body and mind. Although our brain never stops working, it works during the day when we are alert and engaged in activities, solving problems, going through emotions, and whatnot.

The third 8 hours are crucial. If you can live it well, you can enjoy your life. Stay balanced, healthy, and happy. The last 8 hours can be divided into three groups and nine essential elements, 3F, 3H, and 3S. These elements push you to the edge, help you be a better citizen, and make you balanced and happy. WHAT do three F's, 3 H's, and 3 S's mean?

3 F's- Friends, family, and Faith each day.
3 H's- Health, Hobbies, and Hygiene
3 S's- Soul, Service, and Smile

We are happy and alive in this world because of these above elements. If you use this 8+8+8 system to live your life. If you live like this every day, month, and year. You can have a well-lived balanced life.