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HOPE- A Mantra of Life!



Growing up, I'd heard one phrase over and over again. "Hope is the foundation of the world." 


So it became our jargon, a sentence that could be added at the end of every conversation. It made us sometimes laugh as we said, "Ummed pe duniya kayam hai," repeatedly.

Isn't it true, though? Hope is the foundation, the fundamental behind everything we humans do daily. 


Hope is the chessboard of life. We wake up each morning in the hope of having a better day. It's hope that pushes us out of bed,the shower, and continue to carry on tasks. 

God forbid if the day doesn't perform as we expected, we lie in bed in the hopes of seeing the next better day. 


Hope is behind the hard work and perseverance we put in to achieve our goal. 

Hope is behind the seed we sow to see the blooming flowers. 

Hope is behind the group of animals who migrate for better surroundings. 

Hope is behind the gaggle of geese that fly south for warm temperatures.

Hope is behind the stream of water that falls from the mountain, waiting to meet the ocean. 

Hope is behind the farmer who drudges all day to sight water droplets. 

Hope is behind the fisherman who launches his boat at dawn to catch ample fish. 

Hope is behind the fish that squirms and struggles to save its life from predators. 

Hope is behind the miner who digs to acquire the precious metals. 

Hope is behind the day wager who sweats to bring the food to his family. 

Hope is behind the farmer who toils in the sweltering sun to grow grains. 

Hope is behind the parents' dream to see their children flourish and soar.