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Magnificent sunrises, sprawling sunsets, orange skies, flourishing gardens, lush green forests, clean beaches, islands, foregoing long roads, pit stops, breathtaking mountain views, boat trips, sky touching high rise buildings, and so much more. Traveling is much more than sitting in a motor vehicle to move from one destination to another. It's an encounter with the unknown, an experience where one can learn the history and culture while tasting the mouthwatering and soul-satisfying meals. Sip on tantalizing wine on the lakeshore. Maybe relish a glass of champagne with the pink light of the setting sun. Hike to glance at the spectacular valley or avail oneself of the views from the mountain train. Drive through winding roads amongst the green mountains or the rock-headed terrains.

Traveling! I haven't been able to sit in an airplane for the past two years. However, we did seek adventures and experienced road trips within Canada, Ontario, and Manitoba. If there's one thing that our family loves to do together, it is road trips and movie nights. Last year, we booked impromptu tent camping sites in various parts of Ontario. We'd never thought it would be so much fun. As the summer is fast approaching, we might plan a few this year. I have a Word document saved on my desktop with places I have visited and places I'd like to see in the future.

Back in the time, people treasured real estate, cash, jewelry, and other worldly objects, which made them happy. In today's world, when we're all racing with the time, traveling is often an easy escape to rejuvenate.

For my 40th birthday, I had dreamed of taking a cruise to the Caribbean or perhaps to the Mediterranean. But since I decided to appear in the middle of September, none of that is ever possible on my birthdays. Kids have school, and we have work. Hopefully, one day, we might be able to fly across the oceans to enjoy that one trip on the cruise, taking pictures like the Titanic couple, biking through the tiny alleys, and dancing to the Caribbean tunes until late at night.