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LostsOfficial's new music video, "Bite Me" is out and we can't stop watching it again!


It takes a village to raise a child. It definitely does, doesn't it? It's next to impossible to believe I have raised a 17-year-old growing into an astonishing intelligent young gentleman. Something tells me I did alright with my efforts. Today isn't about me but my wonderful boy, Aarav Raj, aka LostsOfficial. After releasing " Me and You " yesterday, he released a new music video, "Bite Me," after releasing "Me and You" last month. Aarav has two upcoming songs to be released in the forthcoming months.

This kid was always into performing arts. When we first tried our luck by registering him for Kids Fashion Week. The following week, we got a call and were scheduled to go for rehearsals every day for two weeks. It was the summer holidays, and we spent the entire day at some warehouse. The boys made friends with each other, and so did the mothers. The following week, we had a fashion show at the giant famous city mall every night where hundreds of shoppers stopped to watch the little kids dressed in branded clothes strolling on the big stage. Aarav's dad dropped us off every day and picked us up in the evening for rehearsals, and came to watch the fashion show. We were so excited to see our four years old on stage, walking with so much confidence that I never had.

The moment when they announced the winners, we were amongst the crowd, anxiously waiting to hear the results. Arv was behind the stage hanging out with the boys when suddenly he heard his name and went on the stage. We both missed hearing his name, but he did, and we wondered how. That's how he has been, one ear engaged and one ear always actively listening to the surroundings. He got 600 dollars worth of coupons from the mall as presents as the winner, and we bought him clothes and shoes. He bought me one pair of red leather sandals too, which I still have in the box even though it's not in excellent condition.

There was no stopping him after that. He performed in more fashion shows, corporate videos, and TV ads. We were in and out of the agent offices for auditions. Then there was a pause for a while.

Covid brought changes to all our lives, and it changed his life too. He realized he wanted to pursue music out of everything in the performing arts. Aarav created his YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok channels during the pandemic and worked on covers from famous artists while he kept writing his own songs and making music at home. Aarav launched his first original song in September 2020, and he has been creating music in his basement studio since then. He's really passionate about music and sees his career in it.

Bite Me was recorded in December 2021, but it took a while for the planning and putting hard work into reality. A lot of effort went into recordings and shooting the entire music video. Aarav's lucky to have a bunch of supporters who stood by his side and supported him to turn his dream into the song you now see on YouTube. They all worked hard day and night to meet the deadlines and make it happen. Well, I can keep talking about everything. There were 12 people in our house to record the bedroom scene for the music video. It felt like an event, indeed a blessed feeling.My husband says our bed has made a history now, lol!

The song is doing well across the platforms, including YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, etc., and has received fantastic reviews from the listeners. Many people on my friendslist have shared it on their timelines on social media. I wish Lost achieves everything he has ever dreamed about. Since yesterday, Luv 107.1 FM in Dubai has been playing Bite Me on the radio, and Dubai Eye 103.8 FM has scheduled his interview for next Tuesday. I can sense the big things coming his way. All the best, my boy! May you shine and be always blessed! Here is the link for the music video, hope you'd like it!


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