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Camping at Fleetwood RV Golf Park

One of the last camping trips bound to happen Up North, we'd been in every direction. It was our fifth camping trip in summer 2021. My husband wanted different experiences in camping choices, so he booked a trailer in the woods. Booking through Air BnB was easy. He scrolled through the options and bookedFleetwood Resort RV at the RV Golf Parkin Katrine, Ontario, near Huntsville.


The distance from home to this location was 269 km through Highway 400 N which often takes 2 hours and 30 minutes. A summer road trip can be exhausting. Since the Muskoka region is a cottage country, everyone in the GTA travels towards the North. The traffic on 401 East is pathetic, primarily upon joining 400 N. It usually's bust until past Barrie. I guess we left around 10:30 am and got stuck in the traffic for more than an hour. Better to wait for the morning rush to pass.


Fleetwood Resort RV at the RV Golf Parkspreads across the massive landscape of the Golf park, lakes, and trails. The host, Theo, is an exceptional host. He dropped us at our trailer on his Golf cart as we checked in. He was generous to show us the amenities included inside the trailer. A master bedroom, another twin room, a living room, with breakfast table, small kitchenette, bathroom. An electric kettle, cooking top, dishwashing liquid with a sponge, and basic pots, pans, and cutleries for the guests to cook. A fireplace with extra comfortable chairs and a picnic bench covered with a mosquito tent outside the trailer. A barbecue was accessible in front of the trailer as well. There's free parking on the site.


He allowed us some time to settle down and promised to return in a few minutes for a personal tour. You can rent a Golf Cart and kits to explore the premises. While Theo took the other two in his cart, we rented one more for us. The gorgeous landscape surrounded by a picturesque mountain range was a delight. We drove through the green slopes like a rollercoaster.


Theo also took us to the lake inside the park. Guests can get canoes and paddleboats for free. They also provide life jackets of various sizes. We were overwhelmed and decided to keep the excursions for the next day. We'd booked the resort for two nights and had plenty of time to explore.




In the evening, Theo returned for a nature walk. He schedules it for all the new guests in his resort. We walked through the sticks while Theo narrated the stories of wild animals in the area. He also mentioned sighting Black Bears on many occasions.

The night was full of chitchats, barbecued meals, and smores. Oh, let me mention the clear starry night that I hadn't seen before in my life. As a young girl, I sat alone on my balcony, gazing at stars almost every night. But it was delusional; we could see the milky way. I wish I wasn't a scardy cat and stayed in the darkness to experience a clearer picture.


The following day, we rented the Golf sticks and ventured into the Golf activity. We also drove to the nearby town to see Burk's Falls, which we could never find. We went to Doe Lake. A wonderful escape in the summer heat. Kids enjoyed swimming in the shallow waters while I sat in it to feel therapeutic Mother Nature.



We skipped canoeing inside the Golf Resort as we were so tired of all the fun at the beach. Stars and Milky way, welcomed another night. It was chilly in the middle of August; I was glad we carried jackets. The transition from shorts to full pants and jackets is impressive in Canada.


Wi-fi is free in the park, so boys enjoy watching what they download on their phones. We just wanted to relax and rejuvenate.


We planned to explore further in the morning and drove 20 minutes toScreaming Heads.You don't want to miss this place if you're in the area. A gentleman in his 70's lives alone in a creepy-looking mansion guarded by the massive metal gates. There were metal spiderwebs designed alongside the gates. Much more like a haunted house instead.




The park was free to visit. We were told he's been making giant ceramic sculptures for many years. The sight looks unbelievable. There was something about those sculptureseach one of them with begging hands and a message underneath. Some of the messages were easy to read. Peace, Humanity, and Love said one of them. I was intrigued by his work but put my head around the idea. Why had he created all these massive pieces of art? What message did he want to give to people? People might call him mentally unstable to proceed with this kind of work. I wish I could understand more. But I'm glad we experienced something which we hadn't seen before.


The drive back home was easy. Kids mentioned it was the best trip out of all in the summer since it included Golf carts and trailers. We created many memories and took loads of pictures. We'd definitely recommend Theo and Fleetwood Golf Resort to everyone and would love to return in the summer.