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Camping at Sauble Falls Provincial Park

What should I say about our trip to Sauble Beach? We booked a campsite Sauble Falls Provincial Park through the Ontario provincial Parks website. My husband had done another booking somewhere north. It was a private campground in the wilderness. I wanted waterfront. I wanted sunrise and sunsets. I wanted to explore Canadian Nature more than ever in the summer months. So, I decided to take charge and scroll the web to check where I could find delightful spots. They mostly booked Ontario parks in advance. Its very challenging to get a site close to the date. As I was checking, I was lucky enough to find a site for two nights at Sauble Falls Provincial Park. It was like a dream come true. I rushed to my husband and told him about it.

I hustled and convinced to book it right now, otherwise we might lose the place. We didnt wait and booked it for the end of July. It was my husbands birthday in July and we chose to celebrate at Sauble Falls Provincial Park. The park is across Sauble Falls and two minutes drive to Sauble Beach. Tobermory, the famous destination island destination in Ontario is only 80 km from Sauble Beach Provincial Park. People know Tobermory as Ontarios Caribbean. The centralized location makes it accessible to cover many points of interests alongside Bruce Peninsula.

Since it was my husbands birthday. I discretely packed some party supplies. I hid it along with the camping stuff. The back of our car was full of tents, mattresses, cooking supplies, clothes and food. The park is 3 hours drive from home and the check-in is allowed at 2pm, so we left home around 10:30 am. Got some gas and rushed towards our holiday destination. Hubby had intended to spend his birthday in Italy this year, but because of Covid protocols, we chose to stay within Ontario. On our way, we stopped for lunch at a cozy restaurant that offered outdoor seating. European style restaurant with flowered patio is chic during summer. We also got an enormous bag of firewood from the same place.

As we reached in the afternoon, we got in our site and started setting up a tent. The other campers said hello to my husband as they passed by. Hed done finishing the tent and was working on the mattresses. I started decorating while he was inside. I filled up the balloons and decorated the trees with ribbons. People but in the area started stopping by. They liked the idea of me decorating; I was putting the happy birthday sign. Everybody thought it was my sons birthday and wished him.

After setting up the tent, were intrigued to explore the area. Weve a teenager in the family who felt compelled to join us on the last two trips. On this trip, he requested to include two of his friends. Wed added them on our site as well. We helped them in setting up and walked to Sauble Falls. After breathing the fresh air around the falls, it was about the sunset time. Sunset is precious to me. It was on my agenda to watch the sunset with the boys. We drove to Sauble Beach. To our surprise, we found a parking spot right on the road a few steps away from the beach. Canadian summers are astounding. Its bright until 10pm and the sunset happened around 9. The roadside parking was free after 8pm, I guess we arrived right on time. We parked the car and walked through one of the best beaches in Ontario. Sauble Beach on regular summer day is jam-packed with tourists visiting from all over the region. Covid measures discouraged people from gathering. Lucky for us, the beach was pretty empty. I was remembering the last time we were there, there was hardly an area left for us to place our mats.

I placed my red mat on the clean sandy beach and glared at the mellowed down sun, who was ready to bid goodbye. Of course, a few selfies and pictures were essential, along with the sunset. I stayed longer to witness the sun disappearing under the water. We had little time for swimming, so we kept it for another day. After watching the setting sun, we came back for a campfire at night. It was fun; we barbecued and did the smores on fire. I wanted to sing songs and chat with the boys, but I guess they wanted their own space. We wanted ours, so we retired early and went to sleep. Our tired from long drive quickly settled in the air mattress as we dozed off.

The next day we planned to drive to Tobermory. The drive to Tobermory was roughly an hour from the campsite. Wed been in this area many years ago and never stopped at the Falls. We had made no bookings in advance. Once we reached the town, we contacted the Information Center and found out everything was booked for the next few weeks. Even the ferries were swamped for the day. So, we parked the car and roamed around the town and the docks for a few hours. As we strolled, we came across a public area which gave us access to the Crystal clear blue waters and mesmerizing views. Tobermory is famous for islands and shipwrecks. The last we visited Tobermory, we did a glass bottom ride through the islands and saw the shipwrecks. The boys climbed on the cliffs and enjoyed their time together. While we entertained ourselves by watching the gorgeous Bruce Peninsula. Grotto is also another point of interest, that we missed again on this trip. You've to book it months in advance during the high season.

Our trip back to the campsite took another hour. In the evening, we took all the boys in our car to swim in Lake Huron as they couldnt do it earlier. We packed our swimming gears and headed towards Sauble Beach. As the sun was setting in the backdrop, boys jumped into the water to swim. This was the second consecutive sunset for me at the Sauble Beach. I sat by the lake soaking the setting sun; I didnt want to leave. For some reason, Ive been chasing sunsets across the world. It calms me down. Its my meditation in the rollercoaster life. The sunset promises another bright day, no matter how long the night could last. It was chilly around that time, I quickly sneaked a second layer on top of my shorts and T-shirt. Im glad I found my sons clothes in the swimming bag. I had kept nothing for myself. I could sit there for hours just adoring natures phenomenal wonders. The boys had been active whole day and felt hungry. They all left to explore the area for food while I sat.

We enjoyed the sunset and then set for our campsite. Sauble Falls Campground is well equipped with clean washrooms, showers and beautiful parks. I liked the campers enjoying every bit when they were outdoors. I wouldnt be able to forget the old couple in front of our campsite. They greeted us as we checked in and asked us about our stay. We found out; they were there for a week. An old couple in the 70s, I love the spirit of how they were enjoying everything with so much passion. They brought bicycles, a small camper, even the dining tent. I saw them reading books too. They loved canoeing, and were fond of exploring extra activities in the area.

They suggested exploring another beach in the southern direction for about a 20 minute drive. They mentioned the beach was much cleaner and since only a few people know about it, its mostly empty. It was intriguing to know they went to canoe at Sauble but since it was busy so they drove further to explore another area.This was the first experience for me camping and I just loved how these people enjoy their lives at even at that age. They were there for each other and shared common interest and had fun in everything they did. I mean, at that age I would really love to do something like that too.

There was another group of ladies. I saw three ladies setting up a camp by the river. They had a dog with them. I saw them relaxing on the chairs, reading books and chatting with one another. They seemed fun. No noise, no chaos. I like how these people enjoy their lives. Its like even if one they have aged. They know how to have fun. How to enjoy every part of their life. I told my husband Id really love to spend my senior life like that as well, just chilling and not worrying about anything.

The third day we enjoyed Sauble Falls in the morning. It was fun to walk to the falls with our coffee mugs, sat by the falls and admired the beauty of the nature. It was time to go, and I was sad this was one of the best camping trips Ive ever had. We made tons of memories and I can never forget that my boys recorded a music video for their dad on his birthday. We recorded clips throughout the area, restaurant, Sauble falls, Campsite and even some clips in Tobermory. Ill share a link here for you all to watch. It was a wonderful trip and I will always recommend Sauble Falls Provincial Park to everyone without hesitation. Given a chance, Id definitely go back again. Weve made golden memories at the park for years to cherish.

Tips:- Even if you cant find your bookings in advance, keep checking through Ontario Provincial Park Website. I booked three trips like that at the last minute and I got excellent sites. Next time Ill be checking for better sites. Ive learned quite a lot from this years trips. But I will definitely check out Sauble falls once again. Hope you enjoyed this blog. Tell me if you have questions and Id love to answer that for you.

Here's the Music Video link,