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A Brutal Revenge Story

I was walking out in the dark, with no sight of lights but only burning fires on the highway. Fear was on my mind, and my heart pounded with the thought of animals hidden in the forest. I need to be safe; what if I confront an animal? How will I act? Should I run or hide in the bushes until they pass? Should I stop breathing? My heart caught pace; it was like I almost skipped a beat. I was frightened.

Its not the animals you should fear, but the monster who comes out in the dark and hunts for humans, someone whispered in my ears. I continued walking on the side of the highway, monitoring each of my steps carefully. I could see flames in the area. Was the forest on fire, or was someone trying to scare the animals away? I was shivering in the chilly night, yet the sweat dropped from my temples. Holding my arms to my chest, I kept walking. Going as fast as possible, I ran at times, my calves cried in pain, but I dared to stop or look back.

Soon, the sight of a few houses and the lights in the city gave me some hope that I had made it to the town. I saw people hiding behind the tins and anywhere they could find an escape. They were hiding from something, saving their lives. Could it be the Monster I heard? I wished someone would open the door, pull me in, and save me the fear of facing the unfortunate. I was somewhere in the parallel dimension.

Then I saw people rushing to the upper floor. It was the bodyguards and servants of someone they called the Manhunter. A lady dressed in modern attire, attractive in every inch of her body, lured in a man inside the door. She looked divine in her tight black leather jacket, pants, and boots. Her sleek body, fair skin, and dark chocolate lips complemented her pony-tailed hair. The Monster smiled as she pulled him by the collar. His teeth grinned, seeing the beautiful lady in front of him. His mind raced with all the weird thoughts he could have when he entered the bedroom.

A bit later, I heard people talking about the Monster dying. I shuddered; how can a man of the size of the beast die so quickly? Wasnt he getting into his dream world? Spending the night with his lady love, or was it just lust for one night? Who knows? The truth was, they had killed him within an hour. My mind started boggling around all the possibilities of him dying. I wanted to explore further and see what had happened.

Somehow, I entered the room, where he had an hour ago. I hid behind the couch and looked for signs. At that point, I saw the lady speaking to another man. He got what he deserved, she said with confidence. Her voice had a solid weight, and it seemed like she got her revenge. Then, I saw the man opening a giant oven. He pulled out a tray where I saw a large body covered in spices and totally burnt as barbequed chicken. I felt disgusted.

I wanted to make sure if hes really dead, and this is the proof, said the woman as she laughed. It turns out that the Manhunter hunted for human lives in the dark nights and brought them home. It was exactly what he did with the bodies he killed. I felt I was vomiting in my mind. It was something I had never seen or imagined. It was hell.

This isnt fiction or something that I heard about. I experienced this weird dream in a loop in a few hours on one night. It woke me up a couple of times; it repeated like a movie as I slept back. To my fantasy, I remembered the entire dream in the morning. When I mentioned it to my son, he said you should write a story about that. It was like I was watching Crime Patrol. Because of my fear, I had stopped watching this kind of show long ago. During the day and sometimes what I watch, whatever happens to me comes into my dreams as a fictional story with added-up pre-made scenes. It horrifies me at night. They said if youre thirsty or your bladder is full, you have bad dreams.

We can turn my dreams into movies if I compile each one of them. I wont lie; sometimes I dreamed of something, and it was the message. Like, I had seen I was pregnant way before I knew I had a child. I often search the internet when I remember my dreams to see what that means. Its weird, I know, maybe its my imagination or something else, but it was one of my shared dreams today. I read this story in my writer's circle today and they were all moved by it. I am told these kind of stories sell very well. So, here I am posting it on my blog for you all to read. Hope you will enjoy.