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Camping at Turkey Point Beach Provincial Park in Ontario

Camping is fun; we made a couple of camping trips back in Dubai with a client turned family friend and enjoyed every bit of it. Canadian memory is all about going once with a group of friends onLearn to camp through Ontario parks. It rained cats and dogs the whole night, and we had to leave early in the morning. We didn't have to worry about the soaking tent as the staff told us to leave it to dry and they would take care of it. Years later, kids are now grown up, and we wanted to try camping again. We messaged a couple of friends as the reservations opened online post-Covid, but not one of them was interested at that time. We were contemplating making a trip alone or waiting for others to confirm; it pushed us to try going for one night. Our first booking was Turkey Point Beach Provincial Park along with Lake Eerie.

Summer for our family is about road trips, customized playlists blasting on the car radio, and all of us singing along with it. We were lucky to get a reservation almost two weeks ago. People usually have to book months in advance through the Ontario Provincial Park Booking Website. Turkey Point Beachis a nearly 2 hours drive from home. The check-in time is at 2 pm for the new campers. We had collected and packed all the latest and old camping supplies. Hubby took charge of loading the car while I was on task to fill the clothing and food.

Important Checklist for Camping

waterproof tarps


Aqua-tainer- water dispenser

Milk, chai, sugar

Folding table

Wood n coal, matchbox

Big plastic box

550 paracord





Propane tank



Oven mitts



Plastic plates, forks, spoons, knives, glasses, marshmallows

Dish soap n sponge

Two big hot cups

Ziplock bags


Bug spray, after bite

Tissue, sanitizer, plastic bags, handwash, towel, swimming costumes, hats, face cream, shoes

Water bottles

A grocery trip was mandatory before the camping trip. We bought food items children would love and something that would fill our tummies in the wilderness. We carried two cool boxes with us, one for food and one for drinks. Drinking bottled water can taste horrible in Ontario's summer; having them in the cool box is much pleasant, along with juices and other beverages. We kept the potatoes, veggies, and other dry stuff(cereal, bread, chips, nuts, seeds, etc.) in a picnic basket.

We checked in at the main gate at 2:30 pm; since this was our first time booking alone at the parks, we didn't know how to check the sites. I kept wondering if the beach was a walking distance of the camping site. We settled in and set up our tent, which was an easy peasy job. We now craved a cup of spiced ginger tea. Our friends who couldn't book the night showed up for a day trip and reached at the same time as us. They helped us to set up, and we enjoyed the tea with snacks together. Since they were only there for another few hours, we walked to explore the beach and found out at the gate that the beach was another 2 km from the gate. We decided to return and drive there instead. The day users can visit the campers at the site and use the beach facilities as well.

Turkey Point Beach Provincial Park has a private beach, allowing entry for campers and day permit holders. The sunsets at the beach are magnificent. Unfortunately, the grey clouds had covered the skies, and it wasn't looking possible to experience one that night. There is an entry point at the beach which checks for the permits on the site. The day crowd must have left, and we found the entire beach to ourselves. The sand is soft and clean; the beach was well maintained as well. We decided to explore the waters the following day and returned to the site for some barbeque time. I was amazed to see the campsites; I was pretty scared to venture out in the wild. The areas were close to each other, with enough privacy for each camper. Clean and maintained spaces, we had a tap next to our site. The bathroom was on a few steps; we saw a vast park on the way. Many people had gathered there after supper; families playing ball and sharing a laugh cheered me up. After we finished the barbeque, we explored the area again on foot and took a car to drive back to the beach, but everything was closed then. Going back to the site in the dark was difficult as reading the numbers was hard to read.

We were very excited about the campfire, for the smores and the marshmallows. We bought a bag of firewood from the camp office; hubby had already purchased a liquid fire starter. Our first campfire with the four of us started with nervousness and moved on to laughter and fun. Boys brought their skewers and started making smores. The night skies got some chills, and it called to make a cup of tea again. Hubby and I are both chai lovers. We sat down on our chairs, and the burning campfire indulged us in deep, fun conversation. We stayed together chatting and laughing until midnight and went to end our day inside the tents. Before we slept, we walked to the bathroom again with the tiny torches in hand. It was the first time I had walked in the jungle in the dark. I was squeezing the hands of my kids, and all four of us walked together. I was enjoying every part of it, the company of my boys and the wilderness.

I woke up early in the morning and asked hubby if he would like to join me on the beach to see the sunrise. We drove to the beach; the clouds had not moved and still took pride in covering the skies. I took advantage of the empty beach and took some excellent selfie yoga poses. How many things we learn from the voyages! We didn't allow anyone to use their mobile phones to chat or call during the trip. So all of us were enjoying the present, kids enjoyed the park and played together. We made breakfast together and packed the tent together. We had to leave the campsite before 2 pm. After breakfast, we sat down together, and some food fell. We noticed a chipmunk coming out of his burrow to get food. It could only fill up a little at a time, make a quick run to the hole to dump what is gathered, and return for more. It was so intriguing to watch the play. After some time, we saw two of them competing against the treasure hunt. It was rejuvenating to observe nature, birds, and animals in the wild. We loved it so much.

The best part about Turkey Point Beach Provincial Park is the parks in the area, lovely walking trails, and the beach. There were some vineyards nearby if you're into wine. We are definitely going back and would highly recommend exploring it with family and friends.