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Spritual Heritage and Divine Connection

Modern-day websites like have fascinated people to dive deep into their heritage. Human eccentricity to fathom the genealogy is habitual. Knowing the family tree is essential; it gives you an insight into your past generations and the future ones you may never know. Family ancestry is more than family diagrams, censuses, and birthdates tend to be a fantastic antitoxin against unfriendly educational encounters that we face today, giving us a more strong comprehension of what our identity is and propelling us to extend our underlying foundations for a long time into the future. So, I thought to discover my ancient heritage and it's exciting to know what I found.

I have had writer's block for almost three months, and it looks like I am back. It's Friday today, September 17, 2021, and just in 2 days, I will be the big 40. I cannot believe I've been living on this Earth for four decades. Now it makes me look old, but don't they say 40 is the new 20. In these 40 years of my lifetime, I've explored various countries, places and discovered lots of things. My most significant achievement is my family, my two handsome children. I've been religious all my life, but my spiritual side is on the rise these days. I want to connect with the divine to know my purpose in this life. I've already spent 40 years; half of my life has already passed, and I wish to make use of the rest of my energy wisely. Throw me into swotting some new adventures, new hobbies and keep learning every day.

India is a land of sages and divine saints. People think sages left homes to connect with the divine and they were ugly with long hair and naked bodies. Little do they know that they were the greatest scientists, doctors, and inventors. Plastic surgery was invented by Indian sages. Maharishi Sushruta is considered the "Father of Plastic Surgery", but somehow we lost all of our ancestries while others learned from ancient history and adapted in life. I happen to be a descendant of Vedic Sage Angiras, who sits on the greatest rank of the Saptrishi constellation, also known as the Great Bear (part of the constellation of Ursa Major). He is also the father of the Lord of sacred speech, "Guru Brihaspati," also known as planet Jupiter. Angiras Rishi is believed to be the human child of Lord Brahma. He is described as the teacher of divine knowledge, a mediator between men and Gods. He had composted and contributed his knowledge in Vedas; there is a mention of him in Atharvaveda and Rigveda. He was considered more powerful than God of Fire (Agnidev).

The most inspired one came, assuming a friendly attitude,

The rock made ripe (its) fruit for the one who performs the kind deed,

The young hero attained (his aim) with the youths, assuming a warlike attitude,

And here right away, the singing Angiras appeared.

Rigveda 3.31.7, Translator: Tatyana J. Elizarenkova

I've had a deep desire to read Vedas for a very long time. It is being said that scientists like Einstein and inventors such as Nikola Tesla and Steve Jobs have read Vedas to get ideas for their inventions. I have a profound interest in reading the text and understand the meaning of the hymns and mantras. My father says my grandma used to recite the mantras from Ramayan and Mahabharta. She was uneducated and never learned how to read, but she knew them by heart. Her knowledge of ancient holy transcripts is inspiring.

It is unfortunate that I never got a chance to meet her in person; she died when my father was eight years old. My grandfather left the materialistic world and turned himself into the divine path. My father mentions owning acres and acres of land, but he left all of it. He lived with us but spent most of his days reading the massive books and meditating. He even visited Brahmaji's temple in Pushkar, the only one in the world. I often heard his chanting in Sanskrit and memorized a few words, but he never taught me all he knew. My father said he used to meet the sages while exploring nature. He penned about his experiences in a journal that happens to be missing. I would love to treasure it if I ever find it. My uncle, my father's elder brother, also writes. It's been a very long time since we sat together for an extended discussion; I would love to learn what he knows.

It's funny that when the entire world is running towards materialist abundance, I seek divine guidance. Although, I want to enjoy the best and the biggest in this life and have set higher goals. My soul somehow is finding answers to many questions. It's not about religion but a spiritual connection. I aim to succeed further in life alongside running a successful business. I'm not sure if it's all possible; I don't know if it's relevant to wish for the materials and still seek spiritual abundance. For once, I know that I am fortunate to take birth in a brahmin family as a descendant of Maharishi Angiras and married to the offspring of Maharishi Bharadwaj. Maharishi Bhardwaj was the scientist who invented the airplane.

My soul, the blood in my veins, tells me to be a pleasant and kind person who believes in the divine and helps others whenever needed. My kids have my blood; I hope they will have a portion of me in them forever. It's my heritage that I will pass to them. I believe in all religions, and God is one divine power only with different names for people.