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Spring and faith are both the same things?

A minute pip marks the time, sitting in the dim environment. Patiently waiting, encompassed by the dirt and soil and probably some hibernating worms underneath the ground. The future does not guarantee that it will bear the fruits or flowers for the immature seedling, but there it perches for months, bidding on its time.

The cool breeze of autumn brings frost and showers, deceiving one of the naive black kernels. Impatience kicks in all of a sudden; the thought of abandoning the pitch dark territory provokes sprout and rise above and beyond. Bewilderment obstructs its clarity, and all that matters is breaking the shell to push out. Hence, immaturity ends with the force of nature.

The lesson of that agitated, relentless seed crosses borders and outstretches the entire territory; the rest determined to hold on in the same gloomy landscape. The following season escorted substantial winds and hefty snow. It was the series of faith that led the season to pass by.

Patience is a virtue, the sentiment of the ability to see the light through the dark. Despite the facts, barbarous two seasons, the Sun came shining one morning, bringing warmth and a sense of joy to everyone in the night. Sun got the shining armor with him that hit through the soil layers and grabbed the sight of the pip bravely waiting for that decisive moment. The pip knew it was time and opened up to seize the moment. The minute shells that had secured the soul took a tiny quantum leap. Subsequently, offering the reward of patience, the Sun decided to show up each day with more comfort, and milder winds joined to bring the clouds to sprinkle some love to nourish. In no time, the tiny seedlings rose above the terra firma. Some inclined into fabricating the landfill with produce, some grew vibrant blossoms. Spring sprung across the fields and territories.

It's Spring all around, flowers of various hues are blooming across the neighborhood. The smell of wet mud is in the air; the tiny leaves are sprouting from the branches. My morning alarm is now live singing birds through my windows. The Sun rises early and sends warmth to me as I sit to pray in the temple. The evening walks have become more cheerful, and hikes are more enchanting to resume. The hibernating creatures are out to sense nature in the wild. Flora and fauna restructure the landscape. The air feels the pleasant, moist, dewy petrichor of post-rain morning.

Life is also somehow like the same; we need to calm down and hold ourselves until the right opportunity comes. Not to rush and jump in without measuring our surroundings and possibilities. The shifts and challenges bring a perspective of something better coming towards us; we must have faith and hold tight. A positive outlook and gratitude are always essential to receive blessings. The bigger the dream, the more complex the challenges are; it requires patience, persistence, dedication, and hard work.Let's do our part and wait to receive our blessings!