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Explore The Painted Ladies of Grimsby

Paint the whole town red; the ladies of Grimsby chose their own shades instead! Located on the crystal clear, blue waters of Lake Ontario, the Painted Ladies of Grimsby are worth a visit this season. As the haunting winds of Winter subside and the cool breeze of Spring take over, the warm and sunny weather encourages individuals to leave their artificial heating cocoons and explore fresh air in nature.

Nature's extravaganza, magnificent landscapes, freshwater streams, falls, and lakes are everywhere in Canadian neighborhoods. Although Grimsby is just 56 km away from my house, we never really thought of visiting there until I got a reference from one of my friends. Covid-19 has restricted us to be indoors most of the time but the sunny Easter Sunday enchanted our family to explore new areas.

We found free parking around the lake and walked to the stony beach. The blue and green waters with my mild breeze and the warm sun touching my skin felt exceptional. We walked around for a few minutes; a few people were enjoying their day with the families. It would be a great location to bathe in the great lake and have a picnic during the summer months.

We arrived in Grimsby searching for the Painted ladies, so we headed across the street to cast around. And there they were; we were fascinated by the exterior of some of the few houses on the lakeshore. The Painted Ladies of Grimsby are colorful and exquisite historical cottages that sit around in the neighborhood, lovingly maintained by the homeowners. Some people were roaming in the area just like us, clicking pictures of the charming community.

The calm vibes of the beach and attractive community revitalized us. We decided to explore further, we drove to Grimsby Marina. If you're fond of boating and own a boat, this place is perfect for you. Just bring your friends and family for a fun day out and venture into the gorgeous Lake Ontario. I saw someone with the canoe too; we were not equipped, so we didn't stay very long. The restaurant in the area was closed and we now felt hungry. We drove to downtown Grimsby, parked our car, and walked into the area. We were now hunting for food, found a small full-day diner, and picked up something to eat. The lady at the restaurant was very charming; she advised us to visit the Beamer's Fall close to the area. Unfortunately, the restaurant was closed for seating, so we had to eat in the car.

Beamer's Fall is only 6 minutes drive from Main Street, Grimsby. Nestled in the Conservation Area sits the Beamer's Falls. We parked the car and headed to the Falls. I could hear the sound of winds and water flowing behind the rocks. The red notice board said the slope to the falls was dangerous. We initially hesitated but then decided to walk a few more steps towards it; it was ok. The barren trees gave us a clear sight of Waterfalls. You could go down to have a closer look at the water, but it did seem dangerous. Especially after recovering from a significant fall at Hilton Falls a few weeks ago, we decided not to go any further. After slipping on hard icy rock, I hit my tailbone and took two weeks to recover. We stood there staring at the waterfall for a few minutes and saw the others going further to explore more. But my boys started walking back to the car, I could've tried to go, but they didn't give me a chance. Anyways, we got to see what we came for, mission accomplished.

I would highly recommend a sunny day in the enchanting town of Grimsby. Let me know your experience after your visit; I hope we get rid of the virus soon to explore more cities and towns around in the neighborhood. I have also created the Video Blog that you can watch here,