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Do you also feel like Deja Vu as we enter another lockdown in Onatrio?

I think I overslept. As I opened my eyes to look at the clock, I was shocked to see the time; it was 8 am. I felt tired; the cool breeze from the window on my side of the bed snuck in my warm fluffy blanket and effortlessly made it uncomfortable for me to sleep. I had left a tiny bit opened, thinking it might get hot at night. I washed my face and walked downstairs, rushing to the kitchen, scrolling my phone at the same time; I was late to make breakfast and school lunches. A piece of news published caught my attention, Ontario will go under four weeks lockdown from Friday at 12:01 am. It's April 1, and we had anticipated it. Schools might not open following the Easter Holidays.

It sensed a Deja Vu kind of situation; you know how sometimes we feel that we have been in the same situation before, tasted something like before, or met someone before. I felt like I had waded through a similar notification before this morning. I rechecked the date; it is April 1, 2021. "Might it be an April Fool Joke," I thought? For a moment, I found myself in a dilemma. It was last year in March 2020, when the entire world headed into a strict lockdown, and our children didn't see their classmates until the middle of September 2020. I was one of those brave mothers who encouraged my children to go ahead and participate in in-person learning at school. Most of my friends opted for remote learning. In-person learning felt like a better choice for the mental health of myself and my children. It allows all of us to breathe and gives us time to get our work done. Apparently, Covid has been active for over a year and has given birth to new babies, aka VARIANTS.

We recently celebrated the first anniversary of this deadly omnipresent virus which has affected our entire being since last year. I can't imagine writing Omnipresent other than God, but Covid-19 is everywhere, isn't it?. Small businesses are dying and finding it extremely hard to cope up with the mental stress. Employees have extra pressure and are working for lower salaries or no salaries. At least, they have a job. But for how long? People are struggling to pay bills and suffering from anxiety. Seniors are waiting for surgeries; auto-immune patients are struggling to find appointments.

We're running on a hamster wheel; even after one year, we are where we had started. I'm one of those who always looks at the positive side, but do we even know how long this drama will go on? Virtual learning and business meetings might be a new norm, but we all want normalcy to return; I want to invite my friends and family and visit them. I no longer want to celebrate festivals alone; I want everybody else to join just like we did before. I want to take my son for Easter Egg Run and visit the barns. I want to travel to the cottage and camp at the lakeshore. I want to travel across the seas. I want to attend business meetings and events.

I know you are all feeling the same as me. I hope we have better summer months ahead of us! Amen!