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Happy Holi Everyone!

Another year, another Holi, and yet another Holi during Covid! It's the next subsequent Holi festival that has fallen during Covidremembering all the departed souls who left us during this one year and are not here to see this day and celebrate the festival with their families. Some people close to my heart went for their transcendent voyage to eternity. I am profoundly missing my mama and Neeruji, who loved to celebrate Holi. Just as much as I adore this festival, it was my mama's favorite festival too. I am in my basement, where I can see his photo along with the couple of others that we hung on the walls. I miss his voice; he could've called early in the morning to wish us.

There must be so many families dreading their loved ones today; it must be so hard to replenish without the physical presence of a human who lived by your side every single day. Who knew they would embark on a new journey? Two of my friends lost their only brothers, and my cousin lost his only sister last year. Sometimes, all these faces come to my mind at night.

Last year, the month of March brought the pandemic across the world. Borders shut down in early March, and all the events on my favorite festival got canceled. My siblings planned to fly across the seas to visit me for the first time; we had hoped to celebrate Holi together. We still managed to have fun in our style at home.

This year, it's another festival during Covid, and I miss gathering together with the loved ones, the touches of laughter, and a giant buffet of festive cuisine. We made Gujiyas to celebrate the occasion, which has already finished. Oh, my boys love sugared treats! It is really hard work to make Gujiyas, boy I had cramps on my hands after rolling 150 chapatis that day! I literally cried! We made a total of 250 gujias in total. I plan to invest in a tortilla maker and a dough mixer for the next year to make it easier for me. I met many people who never tried making Gujiyas, and the tradition ended with their mothers and grandmothers. Someday, when I become a grandma, I wish to make Gujiyas for my grandchildren too.

Back home, I remember visiting houses where everyone joined together to sing and dance. I really want to take my children to show them how it is celebrated in India, but it wouldn't be the same as people I grew up with have moved on. The locality has changed; I couldn't jump around at my in-laws as I would look like a fool in front of people there. But still, I wish to take them to enjoy the festivities in India. We've done Diwali a few times but never stayed for Holi with kids.

Hoping you had guys celebrated Holi with fun and loads of colors! Stay safe and enjoy yourself with your loved ones! Make tons of memories and click lots of photographs. Happy Holi, everyone!