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The Agony of an Isolated Tree

Did you ever catch sight of a desolated tree while traveling through the fields? That one barren tree was standing strong surrounded by the large acres of land, nothing around except a sheet of melting snow. No one can sense its agony; its only choice was to endure cold long stretches of winters. The first ray of the rising sun brought a light of hope; it begged for warmth, but harsh winds tarnished its power. The misery persistently thumped on the external skin, but the strength within the roots kept it uprooted. It had to lose a few branches to the wind, in pain stands that desolated tree in the field.

Days cruised by, thus as months, brilliant mornings transformed into melancholy evenings, and more snow contacted the tip of the stems and pushed a load on its underlying foundations, pushing it to implode. That is it; "You can't endure any longer," cried the breezes. The tree trembled and shivered; it was already grieving the loss of the shredded leaves. It resembles a haunted castle in the full moon's light; the only thing remains the skeleton. The pointy sharp edges of its branches and its exuberant body have remodeled into a dark shade of brown, somewhat black. Birds that nested and nurtured their eggs in the summer either moved South or relocated. Wildlife that often howled in the midnight chose to hibernate. The yields in the field were reaped and left infertile for the season. The squirrels have discovered another sanctuary. As the sky's tones turn pink and the sun offers farewells, in the wide-open close to the moving traffic stands that tree, isolated.

The tyrannical winds circled the fields and howled to haunt it again, but there was something that upheld the robustness. Over the years, that small plant had grown enormously into a gigantic muscular body and penetrated to a vast extent. The branches spiraled up to provide their support. The memories of golden days hark back occasionally, and the thought of capitulating tormented its mind quite frequently. There was only void and dimness in the environment.

One morning, the sun reflected its brightest light on the tree as it regained its powers against the winds. Clouds don't hold flurries anymore but countless pales of water. The drops of water stimulated local produce to acquire the fields shortly, and healthy green foliage covered tree branches in a twinkling. The tree now takes pride, for it being truculent in the times as harsh just passed. Birds hail back for nesting, breeding, reproducing, and generating new lives. The smell of the newly splashed mud and yellow blossoms spread the area.