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Would you join in making the world a better place for everyone?

The whole world is facing uncertainty and distress; we are all under survival mode, trying to keep our jobs and businesses running. We can only control what we can, but we can become a better version of ourselves. Spread love, kindness, and humanity.

  1. Don't talk ill about others.
  2. Don't circulate someone else's life details to somebody else.
  3. If you're calling someone to find out their status, enquire about theirs and update yours. That's it, do not engage in gossip. Talking about the weather and sports should be ok! Refrain from criticizing the others. Most of the life problems happen because of who said what to who!
  4. Help someone if you can, and with anything you are capable of doing.
  5. Lend an ear to listen to how they are feeling and advise if you know everything.
  6. If you feel like donating to the needy, don't boast about it. Old people left a saying, "Giving from one hand so discreetly that not even the other hand knows about it."
  7. Indulge in practicing new hobbies and interests; an empty mind is the devil's workshop.
  8. We're not saints but If you ever think wrong of anyone, remove that thought immediately with the positive things they have done for you.
  9. Be the light to guide others.
  10. Relationships are more important than ego and so-called self-esteem. Make efforts to try and resolve issues and keep your loved ones close. In this world, you have someone today who might not be there tomorrow. So be kind.
  11. Don't build relationships with thousands; maybe make a few strong bonds you can justify.
  12. Watch your tongue when you talk; the person who has learned when to stop has learned the way of life as it's mostly words that keep haunting the others.
  13. Maintain peace in any circumstances.
  14. Encourage others and motivate yourself to do better than yesterday. Jealousy is counted as a sin.
  15. Stay positive and remove negative thoughts immediately with the one that makes you happy.
  16. Be kind to animals; you are better than them.
  17. 16. You can learn positive things from any person, religion, community, pick whatever good you can from others and include them in your life and teach the same to your children. The normal human tendency is to focus on the negatives. As someone said, one lifetime is less to learn everything in the world.
  18. Sit with the elderly and listen to their experiences, you will learn a different perspective of life.

If you are doing any of the above in expecting anything in return, it doesn't count as it would be only business. There is no hell or heaven; we all create a place for us, let's try to make it a better one.

These are some of my views; please comment to mention what you would like to spread to make it a better world?