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Hilton Falls-Tourist Destination in Halton Hills

Leave the stress of the materialistic world behind and indulge yourself in attributing the exquisite natural landscape. Halton Hills is home to unbelievably diversified topography, making it one of the best tourist destinations in Ontario. Beware of your steps when you walk on the icy path; even after having winter boots, I slipped on the rocks. Gladly I didn't hit on something sharp. God saved me yet again! Our journey to investigate the galore of frozen falls at one of the seven Halton Parks, Hilton Falls, was indeed a memorable one.

If it were not for the explorers, we would still be living in a jungle. People with curiosity glanced closely for details. When you brush your teeth in the morning, remember that someone who was bored using wooden sticks to clean their mouth innovated toothbrush and paste. All materialistic things we see around us result from someone's curiosity and innovation, almost everything. Halton Region was a residence to the early settlers; the escarpment still holds many impressions to prove that. Moving to Milton has been the best decision for our family, as it provides us access to explore natural marvels. All these seven parks are situated within a few kilometers and are best to visit in any season.

Mother Earth chose Halton Hills as her playground and adorned her best practices to bless the rural setting. Hilton Falls in Halton Region is one of the examples to demonstrate it. On our expedition series on winter weekends, we decided to explore Hilton Falls last Sunday. Precisely, it was worth the trip. We had an opportunity to contemplate the frozen falls this season. Hilton Falls is one of the parks that surfaces under Conservation Halton.

Hilton Falls is a great destination in all seasons but visiting there in winters has its own charms due to frozen rivers, falls, and reservoirs. It was a chilly afternoon, and icy slopes were difficult to hike at once, but the wooden sticks helped us move forward. For my amusement, there were too many people around. None of the parks we visited were this busy. As a matter of fact, it was intriguing to see families chit-chatting. Little children were slaying through the icy paths. People maintained the distance.

There are many trails for people to enjoy hiking, biking, and walking; however, our goal was to cherish the fall, so we headed there right away. We used the edges to cross the entire path. We had heard about the frozen falls in the past but never visited; my son was more thrilled than me. They talk about their weekend in the class, and he could not wait to share the details.

The frozen falls were exceptionally delightful; we stopped to breathe with the views and gave way to the other families who were anxiously waiting for their turn.

I noticed many bird feeders hanging in the forest; I heard Chickadees are habitual to winter weather, people are encouraged to bring bird food on their visit. Now that I know, I would definitely be carrying bird food on my next visit. We missed walking by the reservoir but, indeed, shall complete the trail on our next mission.

I enjoyed the sight of the setting sun through the trees while walking down the hill. Nature is always commendable, no matter what. On this trip, we carried tea in a small thermos. How marvelous it was to sip a hot cup of tea by the parking lot, looking at the sunset! We covered almost 8000 steps on this trip and relished our reward after returning to the car. I will leave you with some of the breathtaking pictures of Hilton Falls.

You can book your visit through the Conservation Halton website and enjoy nature's extravaganza; one visit is only allowed for 2 hours, and the bathroom was open between the trails.