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Explore the frozen lake and hike at Mountsberg Conservation Reservoir

If you thought fancy boots, toques, printed scarfs, and mitts are fashionable, try hiking in them. I tell you, it's no joke, you'll find yourself ruffling, your heart beating faster than usual, and your breath will patronize you and you would feel that you're almost going to break down in the middle of the wilderness. In case you decided to catch your breath and walked slower than others, you would find yourself stranded around hundreds of trees in front of you and your loved ones. Ten thousand steps may sound a big deal on the road but it's so much more on the mountains. It's like you signed up to attempting unplanned cardio that you're somehow obligated to consummate, and what if it's against your wishes. That is what a little boy could have felt when he was dragged to hike up the mountain and walk on a frozen lake.

Mountsberg Conservation Reservoir is known for bird watching, farm animals, various tracks surrounded by dense forests. The sun shining through the trees even after shedding their leaves appears to be as mitigating to the eyes as it would be in the summer. Our trip to Mountsberg was loaded with adventures and full of natural therapy. Although it was rough to hike around dressed in profound winter clothing in minus fifteen Fahrenheit, somehow it was still intriguing. At times while taking pictures and videos, I felt my fingers begging me to keep them inside the warm covering of my gloves and found comfort after I hid them inside the deep pockets of my jacket. The frigid wind was very harsh to my face, pushing me to safeguarded it behind the masks. That is the only positive part of Covid-19, I happened to find one in the pocket of my jeans and another one inside my jacket's. My face could finally feel the warmth and I significantly felt better.

You need to reserve a spot for Mountsberg well in advance as it is the most popular. We reserved our 2-hour spot a week ago to visit today, the parking is free. Mountsberg also offers horse carts in winters but due to Covid, the services were canceled for this year. You can catch a sight of horses in about 100 steps from the parking. I was looking forward to visiting horses the most and they are only out until 3 pm these days. Thinking from the horse's perspective, they must be tired of seeing the human around them, attracting them by screaming to take a photo with them. They were apparently to some degree clueless yet eventually, one of them just went up against his full height to give us a concise gander at his overall created masculine body. He had all the reserves of being so amazing, I savored the experience of a little correspondence with him and moved to explore the trails.

Mountsberg Conservation Reservoir is a nature's wilderness rec center concealed in the focal point of the Campbellville/Hamilton district. It is one of the seven parks under Conservation Halton, usually overly booked on the weekend. Mountsberg is a haven in all seasons, while in summer traveling, hiking, fishing, swimming, and picnic can be a fun part for families, winters can be as inspiring too with sledding, skating on frozen lakes, and essentially more. The Sugar Bush turns into bright hues of red, orange, and yellow in autumn. Mountsberg Conservation also organizes a Christmas village every year with Santa's workshops, cookie baking, and tons of other activities for children and families with a special visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus.

For the first time in our lives, we walked a few steps on the frozen lake, it was quite fascinating, however, I panicked a bit and was nervous to go further. We saw people dropping their backpacks on the edge, a few skate shoe boxes left to enter the lake to skate. Ice skating on the frozen lake is a popular winter sport in Canada but somehow water is reliably startling. Boys loved to explore a few steps and were totally startled. Eventually, while discussing a few matters and having the much-needed talk, we didn't realize that we had actually walked a lot more than our earlier two expeditions. I think we are getting better than before. There were times when my little one thought his legs couldn't move anymore in the middle of the forest and demanded to be lifted only if, I could carry him to the parking.

We completed more than 6 kilometers outside as a family together, an afternoon filled with natural phenomena and new adventures. We will happily go back again. You can see my Video Blog on YouTube,

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