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Winter Hike at Mount Nemo

Winter hikes can be as enamoring as in the summer. Mount Nemo is one of seven parks under Niagara Escarpment and falls under Conservation Halton.

Mount Nemo is one of the small parks in Niagara Escarpment, though it remunerates in terms of bird watching, picturesque perspectives, and extraordinary hiking escapade. It would appear that we got some composure of hiking since we began at Kelso Conservation Area on Saturday and decided to venture into Mount Nemo on Sunday. Mount Nemo nestled in the middle of Burlington and Milton. It is famous for caves, caverns, and spectacular views. Mount Nemo is in the Guelph line, the destination is around 20 km from Milton and an hour drive from Toronto. If youre looking to rejuvenate and meditate with Nature, you should visit any of the seven Conservation Halton Parks.

The Conservation Halton annual pass gives us access to visit all the seven parks multiple times in one year. Incredibly, for this season, when we are expecting frosty temperatures, we are blessed with a warm climate. Hypothetically, Saturdays hike boosted us to explore another park on the same weekend, although the excursion at Mount Nemo was much shorter than Kelso but intriguing. It felt as if we were ascending on the rugged landscape, even though it is winter, green algae, surrounded by tall barren trees still delivered a heavenly glimpse. Only a few people can enter the park, you can reserve a 2-hour spot online via the Conservation Halton website.

We missed the opportunity of investigating the cavern and quarry on this expedition and kept it to traverse in our next outing to Mount Nemo. Hiking is loads of fun with the family. The edges of the trails are sharp, and as it sits on top of the mountain, take extra precautions while walking with little children to keep away from any mishaps. Winter boots and gears are obligatory to maintain a strategic balance in the icy trails and to stay warm amid chilled winds. I read about Salamanders and other natural life habitats at Mount Nemo, wonder if they were hibernating in winters because we did not encounter any of those. The South trail leads to another 35 minutes from the viewpoint. It was hard for us to cover the same day, it was about to get dark, so eventually, we have kept it for the next round. I was pondering on how much fun it would be to hang out in the summer and sit by the rocks to relish the delicious picnic while gazing at the magnificent country views. Nevertheless, I intend on visiting Mount Nemo throughout the year in various seasons. The fall pictures with picturesque countryside views have already stolen my heart. I wonder if this could be a great spot to catch the sight of the rising sun at dawn.

The bathrooms were open, parking is free, and you can easily maintain social distancing while venturing out the trails. Masks are not necessary as people are also being cautious and avoiding getting close. The drive to Mount Nemo itself appeared like a rollercoaster. It was a fun Sunday, well spent in Natures playground. I will be back with more stories and places to venture in 2021. To reserve your spot in any of the Halton parks and make most of your winters, pls visit

The annual family pass will cost you, 135 CAD, this includes the entry to any of the Halton parks for the entire family and free parking through the year.