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Exploring Confederation Beach Park in Hamilton

"My heart says to seize the moment, ever since my little one is born, Ive felt my hand slowly losing the sand! Time is slipping away faster than we ever imagined. I want to cherish each and every moment I get with my boys, their growth speed is higher than the weeds, very soon well be left with empty nests. At times, I wish we could just freeze the moment".

COVID-19 pandemic has left us with no other choice than to be in front of the computers. Children are engaged in virtual learning and our parents are glued to our work screens. The new normal demands to rise later than usual, there is no morning rush when everyone is working and studying from home. School lunches, packaging, and pick up-drops have been halted after school classes have also found their home on the internet. Physical activity seems to be like a chore from the past. Were yearning for human interactions and warmth.

We decided to walk on the shores of Lake Ontario in Hamilton yesterday at Confederation Beach Park. This was the first time we ever visited there, and it was worth it. Were so grateful to be living in Canada to have access to unbeatable nature. Confederation Beach Park is just 30 minutes drive from our home through 403 West and QEW. Weve always caught the sight of Wild Waterworks while traveling to Niagara Falls but have never visited that area. Investigate a picturesque walk, bicycle ride or coast along the 4.3-kilometer cleared Hamilton Beach Trail. This promenade interfaces with the Waterfront Trail that runs another 4.2 km west to the Burlington transport trench. Beautiful perspectives on the shoreline and a lot of park space make this an ideal spot for any trip. There's a lot of park space for sports, games and different exercises. Do the Works with your loved ones at any of the open-air attractions from go-karts, batting confines, small scale golf, and Wild Waterworks, to eateries like Hutch's and Baranga's on the Beach. There's additionally the Lakeland Center, highlighting a pool, sprinkle cushion, volleyball and ball courts, and banquet hall.

There are no entry fees for Confederation park, parking is absolutely free for visitors. The park is open from sunrise to sunset, seven days a week. We parked just across the childrens park as my little one was enthralled to see the slides after a long time. You can take a trail from the right of the children's park towards the East which we took or explore the west which had more attractions as per the map we found at the end. We explored the shores of the lake and found the ice sheets on the hard rocks. Most of the lakes freeze during the winter months but this year weve been very lucky to have warm sunshine in winters. The boys found exhilaration in throwing rocks at the frozen rocks to see if they are able to break the sheet and they got successful to an extent. Its such a relief to see them hanging out together and having a digital detox.

Yes, a digital detox is what we all need at least a few hours a week, but Ill be on edge as I always carry my phone for pictures. The best sight was the geese hanging in the lake, a big group of geese came to explore the warm horizons in the winter afternoon. Some seagulls also joined their troop and thought of a picnic at six degrees in January, they felt the need as much as we did. It was indeed a gorgeous day. What if, the temperature was below freezing marks, would they still hang out? The other point I noticed is geese always stay in groups, it is always about unity in them. How did the seagulls jell with them? They are not related, are they? Whatever it was, it gave us all a wonderful sight of admiration.

The trees around the lakes and around the trails are all standing naked, bearing the harshest Canadian winds, teaching us to embrace whatever comes our way and be strong mentally and physically. Im glad, we decided to walk, I noticed the trees still looked beautiful whether they were wearing green, orange and red or just empty hangers. There is something about nature, it always amuses me despite any season. The crystal-clear lake, flaunting its aura with the azure sky revealing the wonders of nature from end to end. When I look far and wide, it seems Mother Nature has chosen to embrace the horizons with sky and waters blending in euphoria. I could sit in those rocks and look at them for hours. Nature is my meditation.

Tim Hortons and Hamilton Downton are just 1.5 km from the park, most of the facilities have been shut down due to the pandemic so Tims was the only option for coffee and washrooms. Im glad, we decided to get out of the house with the family and enjoyed walking on the beautiful shores of Lake Ontario. We hope to return again soon, hopefully in summers when things are betters and there are more things to do with kids and other families. You can more about Conservation Hamilton here,

I will keep bringing new destinations in 2021, keep an eye on my blog and other social media channels. I've also created a video blog of our visit, you can watch it here,