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New Song Release- I’m Sober by LOST

It was the music and entertainment industry that succored us to pull through the pandemic. Music is something that interfaces with the spirit, there is a song for each emotion, whether you're gloomy, wallowing, in love, happy, or your adrenaline is pumping out of your veins. Music changes your spirit, alleviates you, and causes you to feel good. Music is divine.

The live music industry felt the pinch of the lockdowns due to the cancellation of events and stage performances. Despite this fact, musicians and singers happily organized virtual sessions for music lovers to eradicate the distress and lift them. You must have seen people playing on their balconies and porches during the lockdown. Some musicians played in empty theatres only for the sake of maintaining their sanity and to lift others. An artist only craves the love of his fans above everything else. 2020 couldn't stop Justin Bieber to release more than 20 songs, along with Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, Lauv, and many other celebrities. They curated the best piece of their work at a time when the world needed peace of mind.

Most of all, our seniors and children have faced uncertainty. Teenagers have been closed within four walls of their rooms in the name of privacy. They want their space but they also want people of their age. This is when mental health kicks in, its the time when theyre exploring various horizons, going through hormonal turmoil, and understanding the world around them. Pandemic has restrained them and aborted all their plans. For one teenager, who was going through mental stress to cope up with the upcoming GCSE's, everything turned around when the pandemic enforced his school to shut down right after the March Break. They were told to continue learning at home and prepare for the big exam. To him who always wanted a career in the performing arts and never cared about academics, it seemed like the cherry on the cake. He felt a void in his schedule and new ideas started pouring into his mind. At 15, he still wasnt allowed to have a phone or computer in his room so whenever he woke up at night, he put his ideas on a piece of paper and worked on in the next day. The world of the internet brought him closer to new people and connections. They talked about creating new songs, mastering and enhancing them, and that's when collaborations began for Lost.

LostsOfficial started his music career in 2020, even though he was always an artist, but he figured the clear vision in 2020 and started his own YouTube channel. Soon, he began covering the songs of all his favorite artists. He worked consistently to create new singles for the major music platforms and released his new song, "Backed Out" in September 2020. In his free time, Lost continues to work as a Freelancer to help individuals with music-making, lyrics writing, and vocals besides his studies.

His new song, Im Sober, released today on Jan. 5, 2021, on all platforms, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Deezer, Pandora, Tiktok, Tidal, and YouTube. This is just the beginning for Lost as he has a couple of other songs lined up for his followers in 2021. Lost is waiting for the big breakthrough; he talks about standing on stage holding Grammys and addressing the audience.

When I think about sobriety, it is important to function well in society. I believe it all starts in the mind, begins with peer pressure, people get obsessed and addiction ruins their lives. When they are heartbroken, they turn to alcohol or drugs, not only sadness but happiness too brings them back to the bar. It doesnt matter whatever the occasion is, people are attracted towards it, not realizing they have control over their lives, they can always stop the things going south.

I dont have the foggiest idea of how Lost got the inspiration for "Sober". He has just turned 16 and hasnt been influenced by alcohol or heartbreak yet. He says, the idea just came to his find and he followed the lead. He also happens to be my firstborn and Im thrilled to see him growing in life. I pray to the almighty to grant him all his wishes and to keep him healthy and happy in his life.

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