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Winter Explorers in Niagara Falls

I believe in never engage musings of things that I don't want in my life. In this way, I'll not talk about the past and jump into the excitement of 2021. It is the year of hope, fresh starts, and new undertakings. Hope is the thing that keeps the world alive and I'm cheerful that this new year will bring all that we have ever needed from life. My first day of the new year began with an excursion to Niagara Falls. Throughout the year's we've spent New Year's Eve and New Year's Day in many energizing spots and this year unexpectedly we went on a street outing to Niagara which is around 100 km from home. We are extremely blessed with the climate for as far back as a couple of months and New Year's Day got lovely climate for us Canada. Jokes separated yet 1-5 degrees here is viewed as a decent climate in winters when we're relied upon to see 25 degrees underneath the zero imprint.

A road trip is something everyone in our family enjoys, other than watching movies. It was an impromptu trip; the only plan was on having brunch together at home. The first morning of New Years' is always tied up with calls, messages to the families, and friends. We couldn't be with family or friends in the evening before and the day still felt too long so we packed woolens and some snacks and boarded the car in the afternoon. It is an hour and a half drive from home, the clouds had covered the sky, it was a bit breezy, but we kept whatever we needed to be warm. The plan was to enjoy the drive and hang out in each other's company, especially the boys, walk around and come back early.

Niagara Falls was hosting a light festival since November but it was shut down after boxing day due to lockdown, even the New Years' Eve fireworks were canceled this time. We disregarded the idea of driving in the night to see the fireworks after reading the news. Boys downloaded their favorite music downloaded in the playlist and as soon as we headed the roads the car was bouncing with them tapping their feet and their hands moving in the car, dancing to the tunes. I made sure to fill their bellies before we headed out but once they are in, all they want is snacks. An hour and a half didnt feel much with the snacks and music on the highway. There was less traffic on the road, and it was smooth all the way to Niagara. If it wasnt for lockdown, we couldve stayed the night at our favorite Sheraton Hotel overlooking the falls.

We took a drive through Clifton Hills to see if there are people around and to our surprise, we saw lots of them walking around with their masks on. There is so much for the kids to do in Niagara, but everything shut down due to lockdown. We parked our cars and spruced up in the winter gear that we had packed, all set to embrace the sight of the majestic Niagara Falls after one and a half years. I was voracious to spend some quality time with my teenager. The only time when he talks his heart out is when we're out traveling. Niagara Falls can never run on its charm, summer, or winter, fall or sunny, its one destination that welcomes explorers from around the world. We saw families clicking pictures, laughing around on the edge of the road. Holding hands and strolling their prams, some had them wrapped in the winter gears just like us, but some were taking it all in. I saw girls in skirts with their jackets open, without any hats or scarfs, I guess those are the ones who take 1 degree as a hot day. I noticed couples, boys, out on an adventure, and so on.
The only thing you desperately want after an hour and a half drive is a hot cup of coffee and washrooms. We thought, if there were so many people around, there will certainly be some washrooms opened for us. Unfortunately, our first favorite place for coffee and washroom, Tim Hortons near the wheels was shut down. I saw Burger King on the other side was opened but didn't want to cross the road. The next expectation was to find the washroom at the falls, just after the red light but boy that were closed to. Winter and heavy bladder, I tell you that's a thing.

We were mesmerized by the mighty falls and decided to walk to the end. Everyone had their masks on, and we maintained a safe distance. At that point when I decided to spend time with my teenager, he decided to have some bros talk with his little brother, they kept chatting through the falls. At whatever point I drew nearer, they would stop and drive me away. We clicked a few pictures together and a portion of my independent shots that I needed for my blog. Our solitary trust in the washroom was the shopping center toward the finish of the falls that had a food court also.

The end of the fall is where you'll feel water droplets on your clothes as if its raining, sometimes you can completely get drenched. We checked on the mall, it was closed, the washrooms were open until 4 pm and it was 4:10. There were so many people who were looking for the same and were disappointed. We decided to walk back to the car, the droplets we noticed was the real rain this time. It turns out there was freezing rain announced by the Weatherman and we had disregarded it. While walking back, we changed the groups, and I got my teenager to talk to me the entire way to the car while the others rushed like crazy. It was fun to listen to his stories, we checked on the washrooms on our way back and every restaurant that was opened had put up a board saying, Washrooms Closed for Public. The rain was pouring heavily now, and we decided to rush to the car and stop on the way.
It's been 10 years since we are here, and my better half is as yet frightened to drive on the expressway in an awful climate. It was a mix of snow and rain which makes it more difficult for cars to drive on the highways. As we headed to QEW, the droplets were rushing towards us. All the other motorists were cautious on the road, high winds and slushy roads are hazardous. We werent able to see the lanes but decided to follow the car in front of us. The driver in dreaded too and decided to put the hazard light on, it was truly diverting and more frightening. Boys were back on their snacks but we both had our eyes glued on the roads. I referenced to him to surpass that squinting vehicle and venture out in front of him, yet he didn't for some time. We were driving on 60 on QEW because of him in the middle lane. Most of all, it made us more terrified of our environmental factors. After a while, we decided to overtake him, and the rain stopped. The remainder of the drive went smooth and the rain had now turned to snow as we reached close to home, turning it to a winter wonderland again this morning.
We had all forgotten the washroom break, all that was important was safety. I'm grateful that we got to enjoy our first day with the people we love the most. The climate is only a similitude, it resembles life tossing things at us however we are together, we are more grounded and glad we made it home safely. Happy New Year everyone, I wish to share more travel stories in this New Year, trust you delighted in this one!