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Wrapping up 2020

Have you ever noticed the glitter on the snow? The gleam resembles the sparkling water in the ocean that mirrors the sunrays. We often take plenty of photos in hopes of getting at least one of them right. Similarly, we got to give it our best shot when it comes to life and always look at the positive side. Sometimes, there could be something positive even after the catastrophe. Have faith and believe in the best! You cannot control when something goes wrong, but you can turn the tables and get the best out of it.

Looking at the splendid side, the year 2020 has instructed us to challenge ourselves. It showed us that it is so critical to have tidiness around us. It has instructed us to be extra cautious, to help each other in the period of scarcity. It has instructed us to protect nature and worship the excellence of it. It has shown us the value of food and how significant it is above all the other things. It has instructed us to keep our rational soundness. It has instructed us that weddings could be coordinated for less. It has instructed us that we're all excellent without cosmetics. It has instructed us to acknowledge and be thankful for our family and permitted us to get to know each other. It has instructed us that the house tasks are everybody's business. It has instructed us that God is inescapable and not just in the spots of love. In general, the year 2020 has changed our point of view on life and conduct. As we proceed onward to the following year, how about we convey the exercises we have gained from this year and make the world a superior spot to live in!

Its time to wrap up 2020, this year has been like never before for each and all of us around the world, although some of us saw the worst of it. Were only four days away from beginning a New Year, let's embrace the best and move on. As far as I'm concerned, 2020 looked powerful even before it started, we had a New Years Eve party at my best friends place in the opulent area of Dubai. We walked to Jumeirah Beach at midnight where thousands gathered to ring in the New Year. The excellent horizon of high raise structures confronting the Arabian Sea looked astonishing. The countdown began and the fireworks started shooting in the skies of Dubai from various sides. The Government of Dubai organizes spectacular fireworks on New Year's Eve, just a moment later, Atlantis Hotel started its fireworks. Soon, the fireworks from Burj Al Arab and La Mer were visible from the beach. The red, green, blue, and golden spirals took over the skies providing a gorgeous sight. We were exhilarated, we expected only one firework at JBR but instead experienced four different ones. The night ended by hugging the loved ones and sipping coffee with the cake. Our first day of the New Year 2020 was booked for brunch at the luxurious Caesars Palace Hotel. Our family was welcomed graciously by the staff of Caesars Palace, when asked about seating, we chose to sit outdoors to enjoy the fresh breeze of Dubai winters. The lavish brunch included a colossal buffet with a myriad of sumptuous culinary elegance. There was something for all of us to savor, the best part was the dessert counter. They had also organized plenty of children's activities, a petting zoo and the acrobats had raised the bar. We had a complete blast.

Caesar's Palace Hotel Dubai

Brunch at Caesar's Palace Hotel Dubai

Well, this was all about the first day, we were very hopeful of 2020. Dubai was holding a World Expo at the end of the year and businesses were expected to bloom enormously. As I look back, I recollect the day when we made fun of the COVID and its impact on Dubai. It began with bigotry, then just one big event triggered the outburst of the virus cases in the country. An outing to the market looked like sprucing up with coverings, similar to we were going to the war. We were cautious to venture out, then all of a sudden, the entire world entered into a complete lockdown. The airplanes were halted indefinitely, the ships were docked and there were no cars seen on the roads. Major tourists cities and busiest destinations appeared to be ghost towns. People worried about losing their loved ones, worried about losing their lives to the virus. Our offices were shut down in India and Dubai, sometime in Feb and March, respectively. The hospitality industry saw the bottom and our business feeding on the industry has been affected drastically since then. In a nutshell, managing two offices with a few staff has taken a toll on the finances.

Following the unfortunate events, I lost my uncle to the year 2020. He was close to me as a brother, we had shared so many things. I don't have the foggiest idea of how an uncommon malignant growth got him and finished his battle in July. I still think about him every day, I'm searching for the responses to the inquiries that his passing has raised for me. His destruction has demonstrated that life is phony, paradise and hellfire is only imitation, nobody is accounting for our great deeds and sins. But we continue doing good for virtue. I lost one of my cousins and two of my friends lost their brothers in 2020. Some time ago cynicism filled my faculties, it resembled I was sitting tight for the awful news as I woke up toward the beginning of the day. I felt myself into pieces, I'm actually attempting to sort out things and not on my best yet.

What kept me going was the hobbies that I had forgotten over time and never had time to work on any of them. I was busy with business and raising children. During the lockdown, when kids were off school and we had nothing to do all day, I spent time painting and crafting with my son. We learned and tried different foods, although it resulted in our weight gain. While the whole world was going crazy over the virus, we took an International flight of 15 hours, explored the Trans Canada highway for two days to meet my uncle and the rest of the family, and watched a few sunsets and sunrises in summer. God blessed us with fantastic weather this year, we were able to enjoy each season to the fullest. We kept our children for in-person school lessons when the schools opened, it made them happy and us happier to focus on our goals. I kept my son busy by crafting for the festivals during fall and winter. I will post a few pictures of the work we did this year to decorate our house and to keep our sanity. If it wasnt for the lockdown or COVID, I doubt I couldve done half of it as going to the office is stressful enough.

On a positive note, I'm grateful that my family is healthy. Due to the lockdown and office closures, I got to spend time developing my hobbies. I painted, crafted, began reading, and also continued my passion for writing. Our company relaunched the portal and several other platforms that we own, I now have my own blogging website, developed from scratch. Our company is now available on IOS and Android and my website will have its app too. Even though the sales are low, our staff had worked tirelessly to work on the new modules and developing new CRM. I'm grateful for my staff who stuck by us during these times, although some of them chose to leave. I wish to reward the ones who stayed when things get better.

I'm positive that 2021 will be helpful to us all and things will begin returning to the ordinary. Organizations will sprout indeed, and children will boast about their grins at school. We would have the option to travel again and can embrace our friends and family. We'll before long accumulate for gatherings and there will be individuals in the shores, making sandcastles, sledding through the inclines, and investigating the untamed life. Humanity has defeated various difficulties previously, and we'll be over this soon as well. So be it!

Holi Gujiya

Holi Gujiya for the Year 2020- Traditional Indian dessert prepared for the color festival Holi

This is my first attempt on the canvas after multiple efforts in painting on paper

Ganesh Chaturthi Mandap

Ganapati Festival decoration

One of the many pumpkins I painted on Halloween

Making Rangoli and painting Diyas for Diwali was fun

Pinecone craft for this year's Christmas

The best piece of the celebrations was the old stuff that we had put away throughout the long term. It's ideal to purchase and add a couple of more things to use during the celebrations. We eliminated and stuffed everything appropriately in the cases in the cellar and this year we didn't need to purchase anything new. The following year, we'll add more things to our bubbly stylistic layout and upgrade the magnificence of our home. To end with this note, I wish you all wellbeing, bliss, achievement, and success in 2021! Glad New Year 2021! See you in the New Year!