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Goderich Beach on Lake Huron

Covid has brought so many uncertainties for the entire world and the human race. People have been confined by the walls of their house for the past few months. No one wants to take a chance, the virus is contagious and is still out there. We've also been careful and not going out a lot during pandemics but the last remaining sunny days pushed us towards a day out with friends. The weather has been really good, fortunately. Lots of my friends have been visiting outdoors during summer weekends and posted tons of pictures. For us, the weekend didnt seem any different for the last 6 months, we closed ourselves to work, kids, and house chores. Boys have their own stuff and none of them have time to discuss the opportunity of exploring the sunny Canadians outdoors before the predicted harsh winter sets in. Ive been nagging for a hiking trip with the boys but walking around the flying bugs and creepy grounds doesnt interest them at all. I was laughing one day and said, I wish you get a girlfriend who wants to go to visit a sunrise on top of the mountain. Baby, lets wake up at 5 tomorrow morning and hike to see the sunrise. I wonder if youd still say no but no one seems to care except the little one who has got some adventurous genes from me and adores outdoors and nature. He is always up for an unplanned trip or a drive.

Last Sunday, going through our normal looking day, one of my relatives called up to ask if we would like to visit Niagara Falls with them. We havent been to Niagara Falls at all this summer due to COVID. People are still taking chances and flocking towards the falls in groups, no wonder the cases after the weekends tend to go higher. They wanted me to check with the boys at home and call them back. They were planning for a night's stay, but we had a chance to be together for the day and come back in the evening. Niagara Falls on a Sunday afternoon didnt appeal to the boys and they declined, so I called back and said the same. A few hours later, they called again that they were now planning a beach day and we should really join. It was a long time since we went anywhere and getting together with them sounded great, so we rushed and left for a new bewitching destination in Ontario.

Goderich beach sits on the shore of Lake Huron, prepossessing pale green waters seem mesmerizing as soon you hit the parking. There is a long stretch around the lake with free parking, washrooms, and restaurants. You can choose to sit over the rock beds overlooking the docks or drive to the main beach. We halted just near the dock and blocked a small area for our family. When we reached, they were already there. The distance from our home to Goderich beach was 139 Kms, through 401 West and then 60 km through the countryside. But the destination was worth it, it felt so calm sitting on the coast of Lake Huron. The water seemed much cleaner than Lake Ontario, the police were on duty and were seizing people with large groups. A Group of 10 is only allowed together, otherwise, they got a warning or got fined. The nice red-bricked restaurant across the park was full since they opened. There was free parking for the restaurant and around the road. The road leads the stairs up to the lighthouse, the view of dazzling lake Huron bedazzled by rays of the sun looked exquisite from the lighthouse. There are a lot of mosquitoes though, so don't forget to carry a bug repellent. I would've loved to stay more, the waters look so enchanting.

Goderich's three glamorous beaches are a must-see. With free parking, picnic shelters, playgrounds, and public washrooms these beaches are the perfect location for a day trip. With a boardwalk stretching 1.5 kilometers along the beachfront, you can be sure to catch the famous sunsets from every angle. The hours of operation are 6 a.m. - 11 p.m. Recreational vehicles and trailers of any type are prohibited. There are several campgrounds in the area for you to book and spend the day at the beach. If youre a sunset enthusiast like me, do wait up to experience the sunset at the end of the day. Unfortunately, I missed the sunset time as it had started getting chilly and the boys wanted to return home. Goderich Ontario is one of the most beautiful places, a must-visit for the family. I really want to go back again soon and this time I would definitely wait for the sunset.