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New beginning for a Small town Boy- First Hollywood Single

The Pandemic has brought the entire world into a panic. We no longer have the freedom to explore new places, the entertainment industry has stopped all production of TV shows and movies, and schools have all shutdown. Netflix shows have been pushed to next year and all people can do is sit and home, bored with nothing to do. This has brought anxiety to some people because they just do not know what is coming next. Have you noticed the new ads on TV? They are shot and edited all from home. Where is the world going? All entertainment has stopped and is now taking place online whether it be online talent shows or online TV talk shows, everything has temporarily moved completely online. Milton to some extent has grown up to the challenge and is hosting a few live shows around the town but it is like never before. People are craving fun and entertainment. The feel of dancing in the crowd, screaming, and singing to the artists cannot be beaten.

The technology and pandemic have brought new heights for the teen duo,Lost and Ykckari.Aarav Rajwho proudly called Milton his hometown, andZakari Steadmanfrom Denmark, South Carolina, United States. Both the boys share the same passion, music. Thanks to online interaction and a long summer holiday and school closures, these two boys discussed creating new songs on the internet. Lost and Ykckari both wrote lyrics and created a song, all from the comforts of their rooms. Soon, the song felt like reality, a catchy song and melodic song was produced. The song was distributed to all streaming services and went live today on September 3rd, 2020 to the public on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, TikTok, and Instagram.

The pressure was real, this is the first official release that was on the pipeline, both the boys worked very hard. Aarav planned and dreamed of having his studio at home. A list of essentials was created, and the cozy basement room was turned into a private Music Studio. The song will be released on Aaravs official YouTube channel,LostsOfficial.

At the tender age of 2, Aaravs father was taking him to see movies every weekend. He would jokingly say, Im taking him to school, and this is what I would want him to pursue as a full-time career and his mother would laugh. Aarav has been an ardent performer since the age of 4, he bagged second prize in a week-long Kids Fashion Show. He has worked in several commercials, modelling assignments and corporate videos in Dubai and Canada.

Call it destiny or something else, Aaravs school in Milton and Dubai specialized in Performing Arts. He has been an active member of Performing Arts at school and participated in the World Dance Championship with his crew in Glasgow, Scotland. Aarav is an ace drama student and wishes to pursue his career in Performing Arts. He is going to be attending school at Craig Kielburger Secondary School in September. In his free time, Aarav loves to create music, songs, and lyrics as a freelancer for people around the world. We hope Aarav will achieve his goals and fulfill his dreams in future.

This is my boy and I'm really proud of him, a big day today still waiting for the lyrics video to be posted on YouTube. I hope you will turn into a good and kind man of tomorrow Arv, shine bright always!

Here is the link to the streaming channels, you can hit play and listen to the song, YouTube lyrics video is still under process, apparently the supplier hasn't delivered it yet, :(