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COVID and School Reopening in Canada! Are you sending your kids?

Im glad that schools are finally opening! Most of my friends in the area are not willing to send their kids, they are worried about them. They wouldnt put their masks on, they wouldnt know how to wash their hands. Come on ladies! We cannot hide in the bills. We are humans and we need social interaction. The cost of keeping them home for a year could cost us mental health issues. Maybe they will get immune! Their minds will learn to combat the real life problems. Running away from problems is never a choice, we should learn to face them and fight them as they occur. Well, this is my opinion and everyone thinks differently.

Phew, its been 6 months since the kids are around the house! Poor kids, who worried about how to spend their 2 months of summer vacation every year have been isolated within the walls. Parks and slides still seem too risky. My heart breaks to say no, when my son asks, Mommy, Can I pls go on the slide? It was lots of fun earlier, suddenly splash pads and swings have become dangerous. Malls and supermarkets are still no go, the risk is still haunting us. Home made food and series of Netflix shows, hours of gaming have got the final warning from the doctor, They could get glasses if they didnt stop. What would they do? Libraries are open and books are read but who said spending the whole day reading is fun! Kids get bored, they need their friends, they need to release their energy.

I love my kids and Im not traveling across the town to work but I want my kids to learn the new norms and still be safe. The teachers are spending hours to plan a normal looking day at school for our children. Vaccines will take ages to develop and distribute, we cannot keep them at home forever. The series of precautions are being taken by the schools. Parents are required to check the temperature every morning before school and fill up a questionnaire before they head to school. The entrance and exit at school will be different. The hallway will also be marked one way. They are hiring more TAs and school nurses. School buses will be professionally cleaned twice a day, if there is a concern of using the school buses, parents can choose to drop their kids. We live steps away from the school so easy for us. To make sure my kids are safe, Im planning to change the bathing schedule, kids should be going straight to shower after school and clothes will go to laundry everyday.

Who knows whats in store in the new century, the Netflix shows are always talking about difficult things coming up in the future. Our kids are the new generation, they will see more than we have seen, its not going to be like it was before. Things are changing and way to work will also change. Change is the law of nature and the ones who adapts will survive. Lets hope there is a better tomorrow for our children and start the school year with positivity! Hope better days will come again!