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“Dance Like No One is Watching”!!!

Small fairies jumping and popping on the stage, Oh how I adore them n wish I owned one of them!! Tapping toes, moving arms in vertical and down on western tunes, bright and colorful costumes, heavy makeup, hair buns, smiling and confident gorgeous little faces. Dance n music is something which connects your soul with God, it connects different people whether its in any language, good music n dance always catch the eye. Rhythm and Pattern make an act real entertaining and holds you to sit through the entire performance. Some are professionals who have been studying dance for some time n are so perfect, some are beginners, some are shy n some are all out. They look so cute when they look at each other while performing to match their steps, overall everyone enjoys it.

These little performers are only looking for a big round of applause for their hard work n sweat, not only kids, youll see parents and grandparents are as enthusiastic as them, cheering and holding flower bouquets to present to their lovely children after their excellent presentation on stage. Youll also notice some of these small children are so desperate to catch their parents eye during their recital, all they want to show is their happiness and confidence and ask for the appraisal, these kids are simply adorable. Even if a child makes mistake, who cares! their trial on stage is a great virtue. Some of the adults also participate in dance recitals, performing on stage again after so many years must be a challenge for them but their passion for dance is truly commendable. These end of the year recitals at The Dance Element are 3 hours of nonstop entertainment.

Lyrical, Acro, Tap, Hip-Hop, Ballet, Jazz are all marvelous forms of western Dance. Every country has its own form of Dance, Samba from Brazil, Rumba from Cuba, Polka from Germany are some of the famous dance forms. India has a number of dance forms, the best out of those are Kuchipudi, Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Garba, Bhangra, Oddisi. Dance is also associated with happiness, culture, and heritage, people dance when theyre happy, they dance if theres a wedding, festival, or celebration, no matter if its a small village or a posh community, dance is present everywhere. This doesnt change whether youre in any part of the globe, this is an act performed by us Humans to express our feeling of joy.

Dance like no ones watching, its something which can make you happy inside and out. Have you ever danced in the rain?? Its astounding; monsoon/summer rains are some great opportunity to enjoy one. Dance is something which can also keep you fit and healthy and help you lose some pounds and that rigid fat in your belly area. Try dancing for a month every day and see the difference yourself. Zumba is the most hyped, liked, and famous form of dance when youre trying to lose weight. YouTube has many Zumba tutorials, try one today.

Down in the memory rain, my mom would always buy us every new cassette in the market for us to dance on during our summer breaks. Suns are too hot to play outside and we needed more indoor activities to be occupied. I recall me and my sister dancing to those tunes for hours. Were the kids of 80-the 90s where we never had the privilege of computer screens, I-pads, PS3, or other video games. Our best indoor game was carrom board, WWF cards, Monopoly, Ludo, etc and maybe a few hours of TV time sometimes, evening were always fun to play with friends outdoors. Im sad our kids dont have the same environment in this digital era.

We once had some guests who wed hardly known, the very next morning, they woke up to some Indian tunes; I and my sister were dancing in front of them, just to show them what we knew. What the heck were we doing?? as I think of it now. Can you imagine unknown people in your house and you try to impress them with your dance moves and that also first thing in the morning??? Mom really freaked out, we must be hardly 7 and 3 at that time or maybe less, too young to understand things.

Participating in group dances was always a pleasure; it feels like a fairy tale dressing up for those dance functions now. I was always thrilled to perform even in my college days and also choreographed for the schools Annual function when I was teaching. By this, I never meant, Im a budding dancer but this is what Ive always loved. It feels like a dream when I recall mad dancing with friends for hours, those days were epic. We live our dreams through our children and whenever A performs on stage, my eyes get wet, remembering my magnificent days of performances. Cannot wait anymore to see A Junior showing his talent on stage,

Dance to heal your soul, dance to be happy, dance to be fit and dance to love!!!! Keep Dancing everyone, keep living!!!!