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Making of the new  

Businesses over the world are suffering, no air travel, hotel staycation, night outs, or dine outs are allowed at the moment. The whole world is going crazy over the COVID pandemic, no one knows anything about how long its actually going to take to live like completely normal lives we once had, as of now it just disrupted our being on Earth. Everything came to standstill and while humans moaned the nature enjoyed the freedom. Hustling and bustling of tourist attraction became mute and ghost towns were widely seen, wild creatures amused human being caged and explored the streets and waters freely. Mother Earth got herself a renewed apparel and dressed in more green and colorful attire. The air pressure reduced and more oxygen was circulated around the globe, the Earth felt it was breathing properly after it was just about to choke. As for us in the Hozpitality Group, the hospitality industry provides bread and butter and sends our kids to school. But as the hospitality industry is deeply impacted by current scenarios, our company did too. The offices are closed, the staff has been told to work from home. The sales team has nothing much to do as the prospective clients have shut down their doors, no one is available to talk. A few friends, who talk heart to heart within the industry share fear about what the future actually holds for all of us. The whole world is going under recession and all the world events have been canceled, even those which had never been canceled since World War-2. Something tells me, it's actually a war-like situation. A war-like situation, where each country is providing relief for their own countrymen and trying to regime its so-called economy bust slowly. The fear has taken space deep inside everyones heart, of course, why wouldnt it be, its again a race for survival.

People are saying, the businesses should not worry about growth and fiscal gain, the year 2020 is all about survival. Thats what, we should be doing, while all of these things are happening, we all try to keep our heads high to sustain and not drown in the water that is forcefully swept across to our areas. Our team has been working around the clock to finish the monster project we had once dreamt about. A major project which will bring the entire hospitality industry under one roof, be it the hotels, hotel schools, students, alumni, restaurants, night clubs, spas, cinemas, airlines, cruise ships, retail, malls, and industry suppliers. There was nothing like that ever, we are talking about connecting millions of hospitality professionals working in these areas from around the globe. There are 3 million professionals working in the restaurant industry in the United States alone. We are talking about connecting hospitality professionals, just not countries but countries, cities, continents. It is indeed a mega project which only stayed in our minds, but we didnt have the resources to make it happen. God has been kind and we were able to grow our team and had finally managed to start it in the summer of 2019. It would need a few developers and it should be ready within 3-4 months, that is what we thought as we decided our deadline. Well, those 4 months became 5-6-7-8 and it felt like a never-ending story at times. Every time we checked the status, it came to the have finished by Friday and it took many Fridays till we were actually able to launch it. Phew, while the whole world slept, watched the Netflix series and back to back movies, our team worked day and night to work on this project, 7 days a week. So many things were needed in creating a product like this and by Gods grace, we launched it on the 2nd of May. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the brand new

The new has everything we wanted in the new platform, there are changes being done every day. We already have 1 million registered members from 186 countries currently onboard since the site has been online for 12 years. We are aiming for a bigger and better reach and hoping as the market opens, people are out with suitcases, the flights are working, and hotels open their doors. More and more people would be needed for jobs, the suppliers will need a platform to sell and connect directly with the target audience, and schools can publish their courses to the fresh pass outs. The dream still stays, and I am sure it will reach its heights, praying Hozpitality to be a brand associated with passion for the hospitality industry. So, if you are reading this as a 12th grade pass out who wants to apply for International courses (online and offline), a school looking for a platform to publish your renowned courses to global students, a hospitality professional looking for a job change, a company to publish your jobs, news, announcements, deals, a supplier to list your platform in a marketplace that is accessed by top global leaders, certainly look no further and sign up with See you all hospitality professionals on board then, sign up soon on the newly launched, :)