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“Summer Festivities in Toronto, Fun and Entertainment”!

The best time of the year is finally here, outdoor fun, fresh air, splash pads, tents, camping, adventures, hiking, family time, road trips, longer days, daylight time, chirping birds, active bodies, barbecue, leash free parks, water guns, cheerful kids, bleeding knees, biking, scooters, roller blades, morning walk, evening walk, jogging, farmers market, beaches, backyard trampoline, outdoor soccer, baseball games are all summer treats to relish. Summer is the best time to enjoy nature filled with fun in Canada, explore as much as you can before you get trapped among the walls again. Food, Fun and Entertainment, summer is here to give you everything, this is not the time to watch TV, dont waste time, open the door and head outside to make most of it.

Days are now longer and its still bright till 10pm, the first question from school aged children is, Why do we need to sleep when the sun is still shining bright?? Children dont want to come home from the park either, obviously this is the time they see same aged children playing with them in the neighborhood, why would they want to lose it?? Everybodys now waiting for the summer vacation starting by the end of June till the beginning of September. When we first arrived here, we always wondered why Government doesnt announce 2 months vacation during those harsh, shivering winter months of winter (Jan. and Feb.) instead of keeping it long for summer. Its damn cold outside and weve to dress the little kids up, wish we could get longer holidays along with Christmas instead of only 2 weeks Holiday season and then schools strikes back right after the New Year s Day. But now imagine if you had 2 and half months long vacation in winter, what will you do?? Parents have to go to work and having kids indoors for the entire month/holiday will be so much pain for everyone. Summer months bring, hot and sunny days to be outside and to spend more time with family and friends.

Summer Weekends doesnt get over without the Events and festivals happening in and around the city, every weekend have something going on for the families. Weve had an opportunity to visit the Downtown Street Festival in Milton last weekend; its rated among the Top 100 events in Canada. More than 25-30,000 people visit it every year. Big Crowds on the street, smiling faces, this all reminds me some of the festivals we saw in Europe last year. We also attended Italian Fest at La Rose Bakery in Milton. There are many more events planned for coming weekends, looking forward to it and to make many memories with loved ones.

The prestigious Pan Am Games are also coming to Toronto from July 10-26. Follow the Torch relay, May 30 July 10, 2015, the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am Games Torch Relay will be a 41-day journey that will share the Pan Am spirit in more than 130 communities. Deeply rooted in history and tradition, the Pan Am flame will be lit in May 2015 during a traditional ceremony in Teotihuacan, Mexico, before it travels to Canada. The torch relay will start in Canada on May 30, 2015, and will make its final stop on July 10, 2015, at the Opening Ceremony of the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am Games. The Pan Am flame represents the history and spirit of the Games; it is a symbol that unites the 41 Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) member nations.For more information check,

Here is the List of some Upcoming Festivals around Greater Toronto Area:-

1. Mississauga Waterfront Music Festival (12-14 June)

  1. Sound of Music Festival, Burlington (13-21 June)

3. Milton Canada day (July 1 in Milton)

  1. City Cinema (June16- Sept 1) Young and Dundas Square

  1. Redpath Waterfront Festival (June19-21) Toronto Harborfront

  1. Beach Barbecue and Brews Festival (June19-21) Woodbine Beach, Toronto

  1. Much Music Video Awards (June 21 in Toronto)

  1. Toronto Rib Fest (June 21-July 1 at Centennial Park, Toronto)

  1. Canadian National Exhibition (Aug. 21-Sept. 7 in Toronto)

  1. Kids Mega Fest (July 19that the Milton Fair Grounds, Milton)




As the only festival of its kind in Ontario, Kids Mega Fest will offer Food, Fun and Entertainment for Kids and the entire family.The highlight of the event will be Renowned Chefs live cooking demos, Food Tasting contests and other food related activities for Kids..Apart from food event will also have other fun and entertainment activities for kids and entire family. Talent show will give an opportunity to kids to showcase their talents on the big stage, this is the age when they tend to explore more and stage presence will help them overcome fear and gain more confidence. There will be Big Screen Cinema (showing HOME), Magic Show, bands, dance performers, guaranteed fun for the entire family. This event will take place on July 19that the Milton Fair Grounds. See you all there.

Happy a Happy Summer everyone!!!!