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Bidding Goodbyes to 2019!

2019 will be saying goodbye to us very soon, not only a year but a decade is passing by and we will start a new year and a new decade in just a few days. How was your year 2019? I am sure you have made a ton of memories with your loved ones and are planning to create more in the new year.

There is so much unrest around the world, people are burning the government properties in some countries and some places are burning on their own. The wildfires in the Amazon forests and in Australia was something that wasnt so good in 2019, we wiped off a chunk of vegetation and wildlife from Earth. Mass protests were common around the world during 2019, I cannot even imagine the mental state of people, who were directly hit by the calamities of these violent events. I hope and pray 2020 will be peaceful for all of us.

For me, 2019 was a bit slow for work, the past year was better. What I have noticed is even years are better for us than the odd ones although I was born in an odd year since I got married, everything good and memorable happened during even years, we got married in 2002, had our firstborn in 2002 and the second one in 2012. We launched our company in 2008 and have planned a huge business launch in 2020. Whatever it might be, I am very excited about 2020.

I was fortunate to visit the Shirdi Shrine of Lord Sai Baba in India, one of the most sacred pilgrimages for the first time. In 2019, I visited my parents and after that, they visited us for the first time. We launched our company in India in the first quarter, opened an office and hired a big team. Both my in-laws visited us, we had a fabulous visit to Canada and made precious memories with our loved ones there. 2019, was a year when we explored Spain on road for the first time. Experienced majestic sunsets and sunrises, new hotels, new cities, and new people.

2019, was also the year when I lost my dear friend with who I had planned my elderly days in the future, it pains my heart whenever I think of her. May God bless her soul! She was so cheerful and always spread joy around everyone she was. 2019, was also a year for bad health for me, I suffered a lot from stomach and digestion issues. At times, I think about my friend, she had similar issues like me. We were both coughing crazily at parties, she was later diagnosed with throat cancer and lost the battle after 4 months. I hope, its not the same for me but at times my system just shuts down. Hubby says, why am I calling bad stuff for me. I hope, it will all be ok!

2020, will be a huge year for us, a year of transactions, movements, careers and so much more. I hope and pray that 2020 remains a great year and milestone for all of us and the beginning of the new enchanting decade. I wish to visit many new countries and write as much as I can, establish new businesses, reach new heights, and maintain good health and weight, I wish the same for you all! I wish to make new memories with my family and make new bonds with each one of them, teach my kids to be kind and caring.

So with the last blog for 2019, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of my friends, well-wishers, and followers. See you all back in 2020,Lets rock it!