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Halloween at The Farm, Al Barari

Halloween is the most favorite festival of my little one since after he is born, he used to watch Halloween songs the whole day on YouTube, not just during Halloween but throughout the year. He changed 3 costumes in a day and even survived the whole day with fever and vomit, this includes trick and treating in minus temperatures. He is one of those enthusiasts, I guess Halloween for kids becomes interesting as they get to dress up and visit houses for candies and which child doesnt love sugar,

We have been looking for options for the last 2 years for Halloween where kids can enjoy and do something similar like in Canada. This year, we found out The Farm Al Barari is hosting a Halloween special on 31stOctober, just on the day of Halloween. It was a weekend so quite a treat for kids and families. I have heard a lot about The Farm restaurant in Al Barari but have never visited, this was an opportunity to experience the place as well. The event started at 4pm and we made not sure to be there in daylight to see the place.

I was always amazed to see the green spaces while driving on the Emirates Road and wanted to explore more. The exit to Al Barari takes you a drive full of lush green trees on both sides, for instance, you forget that you are in Dubai. The community is full of green landscapes and trees all around, I think it is the only place in Dubai that looks like that. Al Barari is coming up with residential apartments and villas for Dubai residents, a great opportunity to breathe some more oxygen in the deserts. The Farm restaurant is located at the end of it, the entrance is covered with vines and flowers. It felt like a resort in Bali as we entered, an enchanting entrance with great hostesses. We had a prior reservation.

The hostess escorted us to our table by the pond surrounded by trees, plants, and shrubs. We were excited to see whats in store for Halloween, so we rushed to the other area. The garden was filled with plenty of activities for kids, bouncy castle, trampoline, face painting, rides and most important for Halloween, pumpkin carving session with the chef, we have been longing to do it here so just jumped straight on that and took the knife. My son was really overwhelmed so I helped him to make a jack-o-lantern of our own. The witch house and Halloween decorations were creepy enough for the season.

Live DJ and dinner buffet on the sides for adults and kids served barbecue and must-haves in the season. There were some raffle prizes also for the kids, lots of fun for the families. All the kids dressed up in costumes and a few adults. The craze is slowly rising in this part of the world, I chose to dress up too. The clubs and restaurant host a Halloween night for adults every year, but this was something great for kids, so many happy faces running around.

The Farm, Al Barari is an enchanting location with great food menu created by world-class chefs. I loved Marinated Tofu and Green curry prepared by the chef. The place is perfect for family gatherings as well as corporate meetings. It offers tons of seating space along with indoor and outdoor dining. An outdoor event is also possible depending on the weather. Well, the weather in Dubai is now getting wonderful, dining out is certainly a delight. We had a great time at The Farm, Al Barari and we hope to return soon.