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Deli Brunch at Armani Hotel, Dubai

We have been to Armani hotel a few times but for our munchkin, it was a first-time experience. He has never been inside Burj Khalifa, we experienced Deli Brunch at Armani Hotel, Dubai last Friday afternoon. When we came from Canada, he asked me if Burj Khalifa was really located in Dubai, he had learned that in the class. The brunch at Armani hotel which is in Burj Khalifa was indeed exciting. He was talking about what all he could eat and how will our experience be? He has become quite a food reviewer though he still must learn to explore more cuisines but hes just 6 so its alright, it will and should follow soon. Btw, are you following me on Instagram?

Armani is a renowned premium brand, they decided to venture in Dubais growing hospitality industry back in 2010 when Burj Khalifa had opened. The stylish, black and grey contemporary color theme speaks about the opulence of a unique brand. The spectacular views from the hotel and its restaurants are a perquisite. Armani hotel offers a lavish Italian brunch every Friday. Weather in Dubai is getting better every day and Friday brunches for friends and family are back on the cards.

Deli Brunch at the Armani Hotel is an Italian concept, curated by world-class Italian Chefs. It offers a variety of choices for everyone, as we entered, we were received by a gorgeous hostess who checked us in after confirming our reservations. The seafood counters were huge and displayed a variety of seafood options, a massive desert counter can bring happiness on anyones face, not only kids. Fruits and salad bar, live cooking stations, live entertainment, and a huge bar serves the guests with pride.

The cheese section was a massive spread of different types of cheeses from around the world, heaven for cheese lovers indeed. The bread was soft and not very tight to chew, unlike some other places I have experienced. You could order a meal on the table and choice of other Italian dishes are available as per the choice. Pasti and Antipasti, pumpkin-based risotto was a delight. My favorite was their homemade dark chocolates, so delicious.

There is another award-winning Indian restaurant Amal on the other floor, and we had an opportunity to taste some of the Indian fusion menus from Chef Jitin Joshi and Chef Vijay Anand. It has motivated me to visit Amal sometime soon, the food was very delicious. Coming back to the Deli brunch, the live singing was just amazing. Since, it was a Friday, families, and groups of friends gathered to enjoy the delicacies. The views from the terrace were mesmerizing, we stayed for quite some time and enjoyed our time and the scrumptious cuisine at Armani Hotel.

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The Friday Vita brunch offers an Italian feast for all the senses, from artfully arranged displays of antipasti and cold cuts to an enviable selection of Italian cheeses, freshly baked bread and tempting desserts, displayed behind sparkling glass showcases,

The Brunch including soft drinks

AED 310 per person (3-hour package)

The Brunch including sparkling wine

AED 450 per person (3-hour package)

We wish to return to the Armani hotel once again until this gorgeous weather lasts. To make a reservation for the Dely Brunch, contact Armani Hotel. For further information, bookings, or special requests, we invite you to get in touch.