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Our Devastated Neighbors(Nepal)

Our neighbors have been devastated badly by natural calamity in the last few weeks. The Earthquake which shattered Nepal with magnitude 7.9 and then hit again with magnitude 7.1, after another 10 days, has left the world with deep agony. We cannot even imagine the pain of those whose houses were damaged and whose families have been deceased in this activity. Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal has been completely wrecked by this massive Earthquake. Pokhra and other villages nearby are destructed too. Im very proud of my country and Indian Army who provided immediate support to the neighbors, the help was sent after a few hours of the incident by Indias Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi. This could have happened anywhere, we need to show the support as human beings and help those, who are now terrorized and have lost everything. No one can feel their agony but a helping hand is always appreciated. While the whole city of Kathmandu had tremors, Pashupati Nath Temple remained untouched. God has His own ways to protect Himself but what was the mistake of those who died?? There must be many orphans now, many families must be separated and can never reunite ever again in life. Oh God, this is distressing!!

Weve a very strong connection with Nepal since it connects with my native place Uttarrakhand, Nepal Border isnt very far from my home, Himalayas adjoin and protect us all. Our house help in Dubai was also from Nepal, Uma lived with us for 3 years. She still has her family back home, her children and in laws, it had become necessary for me to call up and check if her family was safe back in her village in Pokhra, luckily they were. Our friend Yam, his wife and family were also in safe condition in Kathmandu, thank God. But my heart still cries for those people I dont know and are in bitter conditions right now.

Since the day, I started writing about our travel, I always wanted to write about Kathmandu where we traveled in fall, 2009 for business and leisure. But Id never imagined, Ill write it now in these conditions when my heart sinks for the fellow Nepalis, recalling some of the memories we made there.

We stayed at Hyatt Regency in Kathmandu. this hotel was also shown in new Bollywood movie, Baby featuring Akshay Kumar. Yam and his wife took us around the city of Kathmandu, we visited the HolyPashupatiNathTemple and the famous Buddha temple, Swayambhu. They also took us to a special restaurant for dinner; it was a sit down ala- carte restaurant and people dressed up to dance with some local music, sounds of flute felt so nostalgic. The restaurant was full with foreigners, mostly from Europe. Many people from around the world travel to Kathmandu for hiking and for Mt. Everest. Flight from Delhi to Kathmandu was only around 45min and we could get the glimpse of beautiful Himalayas, the sight looked magnificent, this wasnt something we see every day. I kept looking out of the window to admire the beauty of nature and even took some pictures. Itll all be in our memories of a beautiful country filled with nature, Im sad that everything we saw wont be there anymore. I recently saw a video of Swayambhu Temple, they showed how the temple was cracking during the earthquake. It was such a beautiful temple with golden top, its really sad. I hope and wish theyll be able to rebuild it again.

Nepal!!! Their pain cannot be compared to anything else. Something like this happened in my motherland in 2013 where villages were swept away within a single night in Kedarnath, Uttarakhand. The videos which we saw on Television were really disturbing. The pilgrimage had turned to be a large graveyard instead, so many people died, many of them missing. Ive a friend who survived in that natural calamity, next time when I meet him, I got to talk to him in details about that. Floods happened due to a cloud burst which later induced a lot of landslides in the region. In this incident too, Kedarnath Temple remained untouched and the rest of the place was completely washed away. There was a village near the pilgrimage which has no significance now; it has flushed with the heavy rain, there is no remain of any housing or people.

God please help those who are in need right now!!!