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Let’s get rid of modern-day disposables and go old-school again!

I was scrolling down the web yesterday and came through an article about the leaf plates. It reminded me of my childhood when we had no choice but to use leaf plates as disposables for any event we had been to. I was discussing the same with my son in the evening while teaching him Science and Business. My son said, in the next 10 months Earth will see major calamities due to global warming. The reason is that we are not learning and doing our bit. The scientists have already predicted the end of the world in a maximum of 10 years. I asked him, how he was helping the environment? He said, by not driving and taking public transport,He is a juvennile and takes bus to school, He said, Mom, the cars are still driving on roads and planes are still flying, humans will not stop until before 5 days of the calamity and when its already too late. We can all do our bit by getting rid of one thing/ a habit today which can help save the environment, by saving single use of plastics, by saving water, taking public transport so that our next generations can see natural beauty rather than a concrete jungle and polluted air.

Lets regenerate the old-fashioned leaf plates yet again instead of harmful modern-day disposables. I still remember the times, when during Indian weddings we would get starters in leaf plates and wooden cutlery to eat with. In todays era where commercialization has taken over, we all feel ashamed of using those leaf plates again. Did you know eating in leaf plates has its own benefits?

You would be surprised to know India uses leaves from more than 2000 trees/ plants to creates these kinds of plates which have their own medicinal benefits. We usually serve food in banana leaves, the benefits of eating in banana leaves has been mentioned in the ancient books. These days, high-end restaurants and hotels are also using banana leaves to serve food. Im glad Keralites have kept that tradition worldwide and still use banana leaves to serve food even in Dubai.

We can make bowls, plates and even trays from beetle leaves, the health benefits of eating in these plates are amazing. We often use plastic or thermocol disposables these days, which is filling the land and is really harmful to our planet and our own health.

The disposables are made out of beetle leaves in Kerala are usually cheap and comes in different sizes.

Eating in Butea monospermic orPalashleaf plates have similar health benefits like eating in a gold plate. Palash leaves hold the benefit of curing blood-related diseases and digestive diseases. Apart from red-flowered Palash, white-flowered Palash is also available and is very beneficial to cure Haemorrhoids.

Eating in Banana leaves has similar health benefits as eating in a silver plate. Indian Beech or Karanja works an ayurvedic medicine which treats skin diseases and joint paint. The twigs from Indian beech were used to brush the teeth in ancient times. The bowl made out of Karanja leaves is really good for health, the old leaves are considered better than the new fresh leaves.

Amaltas or Golden shower tree leaves can even help in Paralysis.

There are several other benefits of using disposables made of leaves:

  1. We will not have to wash them, hence saving water and we can just bury them in the soil as compost.
  2. No chemicals required to grow these trees hence no side effects of chemicals on our bodies.
  3. If the need increases, there will be more production of green disposables and more trees will be planted.
  4. More trees will end up cleaning the environment and will provide more oxygen.
  5. The compost will help in growing more plants and vegetables,
  6. The production will increase jobs in the society.
  7. The biggest profit is we will save our rivers and oceans from pollution.

Supermarkets in Thailand and Vietnam Swap Plastic Packaging for Banana Leaves. I hope people can get aware and work towards the increased supply of green disposables instead of plastic and thermacol and can use them for weddings, birthdays and other events. Lets all do our bit to save the planet.