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Rest in peace my friend! I will miss you!

We meet thousands of people during our lifetime but only stay connected to your heart and those people are really special. Just at the end of last month, I lost a precious friend Valencia who was one of the first ones we had met in Dubai. She was diagnosed with Throat Cancer, stage 1 in the middle of May, and in just 4 months, the deadly disease has taken her away. When I received a call, I was completely in shock, just like everyone else in the family and friends. She was supposed to be coming back home in 2 weeks, her treatment was ending and on the last day of her treatment, she got a cardiac arrest and was gone within 2 minutes.

I couldnt stop thinking about her, my boys were with me they had never seen me in that shape before, screaming her name and crying loudly. I was constantly in touch with her and was waiting for her arrival in Dubai. She had messaged; she will be back in the first or 2ndweek of September. I was planning a get together with all our friends once she is back. We had also planned for another vacation together by the end of this year. She had gone through so much pain.

We were lucky, we made some memories together again in June when she came back after 1stround of chemo, she had shaved her head. Till then, she hadnt told me that she was diagnosed. I called her when she landed back, and she informed me she had cancer. I cried on the phone and went to meet her; she had shaved her head. I was feeling emotional but had to tell to be strong. I had given her The Secret book which works on the law of attraction to be positive but somewhere inside she was scared.

She was coughing for almost a year, terrible cough due to acidity. We both had the same symptoms actually except my cough didnt come back after New Year. She told me to get it checked too, I didnt know that cough was so serious and could take her life. Once she went for the treatment, she never came back.

Her son had board exams and she couldnt be there for him, she felt so bad. She wasnt there for Eid, she wasnt there for her elder ones graduation but she desperately wanted to come back home. I had gone to meet her before she was flying back for her treatment and we hugged, I said come back soon. She said, she will..I have lost a great friend,

That night no one slept, everyone was thinking about her. I was recalling the moments we had together, the first time we had met, the parties we had together and all the fun we had. We celebrated Diwali, Holi, Eid, Christmas everything together. She was a big fan of dance parties and was planning for one after she was back from her treatment. I kept thinking about her, her face and all the memories kept flashing. I remember when her mom was in the hospital 10 years ago, she used to share everything with me. She was broken by her demise and felt responsible for her younger siblings. Her mom had told her to take care of them, now she is gone herself. Her sister is completely broken, she was her life support.

Her son did very well in the exams, I was so proud of him for achieving good grades with his mom being around. I messaged her, saying your little one has grown up. She was also happy and that was the last message we had exchanged. After that, she was in my thoughts, but I had never thought in my wildest dreams that she would never come back. The festive season is coming up and we all had plans for so many get together with her. She was the life of all our get-togethers, she would light up the room with all her humor. We shared a great bond together and I really miss her every day. This is me, I cannot imagine the pain of the boys. May God give them lots of strength to bear this pain!

Rest in peace, my friend! I can remember everything and yes, we will meet again in Heaven! Till then, keep making everyone laugh there!