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Day-9 in Seville in Spain

Malaga was like the cherry on the top, we absolutely loved it. We had covered most of Spain already, we were now heading towards Madrid and planned stays on the way to Madrid. Our next stop was Seville, this place was also mentioned in the movie and is famous for Skydiving. Malaga to Seville was a 206 km, 2 hours, and 17 minutes drive.

We drove straight from Malaga without a stop and reached Seville around 1 pm. It was too hot, we kept our luggage in the room and were very hungry. We wanted to explore and have lunch. The main market was 2 minutes walk, some of the areas were covered. We found a decent restaurant to eat some nice lunch and then we wanted to walk more. The sun was slowing us down, it was very hot. We wanted to visit the palace, it was almost half the way now. So we kept walking, there was an option of hiring a wagon with a horse but I felt pity for the poor horses. I convinced my family to walk instead.

We somehow made it to the Palace but then standing in the sun didnt excite my family. We hardly stayed for a few minutes, ice creams and pina colada did cool us down a bit but then we wanted to go back in the room, rest, and come again when it cools down. It was more than 2 km to walk in the hot sun, I also got a headache. We came to the apartment and slept for a few hours.

In the evening, we cooked something at home and then left to explore the city again. This time we walked to the other side, went inside a church and then walked to the riverfront. It looked so good around there, our area was completely empty. After sitting for a while, we walked towards the main town again through the riverside but then again there were only a few people out around 9:30pm, we sat down around the cathedral to eat some ice-cream and then walked back to the apartment.The shops were all closed, there were no people on the roads, it felt dead. We may have chosen a wrong day and a wrong month to visit Seville.

The next morning, as we came down to the parking lot, it was bustling. Traffic on the road, people everywhere. I felt like they were locals who were inside on Sunday and came out again on Monday. I am sure Seville looks good in winter months. Some places to visit in Seville:-

  1. Seville Cathedral
  2. La Giralda
  3. Real Alczar
  4. Plaza de Espaa
  5. Maria Luisa Park
  6. Triana
  7. Right Bank of the Guadalquivir
  8. Archaeological Museum
  9. Museum of Fine Arts
  10. The Torre Del Oro (The Gold Tower)

Im glad we were able to walk to all these places, Seville has a rich history. The Gold Tower is free to visit on Mondays. Most of the museums and Cathedral charge entry fees. We loved the architecture and the city but only a few people around.

Next day, new city, stay tuned!