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Day-6 Valencia Tour in Spain

Barcelona was a great adventure, we had just left the city, crossed the tunnels and paid the toll. Thanks to the GPS and advanced messaging system on, the apartment where we had stayed in Barcelona found our laptop charger in the room and immediately messaged us. By that time we were almost an hour away from Barcelona. Luckily, we took a detour from the highway and went to visit a Tarragona town on the way. Since, the laptop is my hubby's lifeline, we rushed back to Barcelona and reached to get our charger back from their office, how kind of them but it was pathetic for us, we just decided to go back all the way and had to pay the tolls twice again. Luckily this was our last toll payment, after this we didn't pay any more taxes on Spainish roads. The distance between Barcelona and Valencia is 348 kms, we had wasted a lot of time. Valencia is a coastal city on the shores of Mediterrenean Sea. Valencia is the third largest city in Spain, after Madrid and Barcelona. Valencia port is the fifth busiest container port in Europe. We had booked an apartment in old Valencia which is heart of the city. We had communicated with the lady who was renting the apartment. She met us outside the parking where she helped us park and walked with us to the apartment. 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen in middle of the old town was definitely worth it. She even had fruits, wine, some oil/herbs and pasta in her pantry for us as a welcome gift. In Valencia, we took an opportunity to rent E-scooter, it was late in the evening and the store was about to close in 1 hour but my son had been cribbing about it a lot so we booked one E-scooter for him. Because of the little one, we couldn't ride one of those. He brought a cart with a bike which could fit all 3 of us. I and little one sat in the cart while hubby was riding, it looked like so much fun. My son couldn't stop laughing, we became like the center of attraction for everyone on the road. We had enough time to move around the town and made few stops near the main square. It was an amazing adventure, we loved it.

In the evening, after returning the bike and cart, we cooked something in the room and left kids at home as they wanted to rest after a long days drive and local fun, both of us walked till late night, sat in the square and made some memories. The next destination for us for Alicante which was not very far so we were not rushing at night. Places to visit in Valencia:-

  1. The centralsquares
  2. Valencia Cathedral and The Holy Grail
  3. Valencia's Central Market
  4. The beaches of Valencia
  5. The old Turia river bed
  6. El Museu de les Cincies Prncipe Felipe
  7. El Palau de les Arts Reina Sofa

We visited the Cathedral next day in the morning and left for another journey! Will be back with more stories soon, :)