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Day 4/5- Barcelona City Tour

Two nights in Barcelona were just not enough! Barcelona is such a big city with rich gothic history, plenty of things to explore and many locations to visit. Our destination was again in the centre, the apartments was huge and on the top floor. It was the heart of the town so many points of interests were close to 2-3 kms. We first walked towards Plaza De Catalunya, very crowded spot, tourists all over the place and so lively. There were hundred of pigeons flying by and feeding the birds were one of the major attractions. Our family bought a big bag of grains and spread the grains all over the place. It was so much to have feed them by hands, they would actually come to eat right from your hands. My husband learned the trick and little one picked it up so quickly. Another place nearby was La Rambla, a famous street in downtown, you would people flocking by the whole day, it was never quite there. Small eating joints, restaurants and shops attracted tourists from all over the world. If you kept walking on La Rambla street, you would reach the waterfront, so beautiful. While coming back in the night, we purchased tickets for Barcelona City Sight Tour, tourists buses are the best way to explore any city. We always do it when we are in a new place.

The next day, after breakfast we left to explore in the tourist bus. There were two lines mentioned, red and green. We took the red line followed by the green line. We couldnt stop on each and every spot but some of them were really worth. If you are a soccer fan, FC Barcelona is your place, you would never want to miss. My favourite wasSagrada Famlia,what a unique architecture by the famous artist Antoni Gaud. You will have to book your tickets in advance if you plan to visit the interiors, there are huge line ups, very hard to tickets on the spot. Spain is a safe country to walk around even at late night, though pick pocketers have their own way, so just be a bit careful Although, we never had any problems, even in the most crowded places like Barcelona.

Places to visit in Barcelona:-

1. Cathedral of Barcelona- El Gothic

2. Catalonia Square

3. Mall of Spain

4. La Barceloneta

5. La Villa Olimpica Del Poblenou

5. El Parc Llacuna del Poblenou

6.La Rambla

7. Parc de Montjuic

8. Arc De Trimof

9.Placa DEspanya

10. Poble Espanyol

11. Anella Olipica

12. Jardin de Miramar

13. FC Barcelona

14. Casa Batllo.

There are many many more destinations you can visit, I found the red line more attractive than the green line, it was a longer trip as well. You should 2 days bus tour pass so that you can finish as much as possible. On top of the mountain Tibidabo, there is a biggest animation park in Europe. You must have enough time to reach Tibidabo as the tourist bus will drop you at a certain spot and then you will have to get another bus to reach Tibidabo. We loved whatever we visited in Barcelona and felt two days were just not enough to explore the whole city. Museums, parks, Olympics sites, animation parks, theatres, casinos, you name it and you would everything in Barcelona. So after two days in Barcelona, our next stop of Valencia, will soon be back with stories.