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Spain Road trip- Day 1/2 in Madrid

Hope you enjoyed reading my first blog, I wrote about our 12-day itinerary in Spain! Im here with more details about the cities. We landed at Madrid airport in the morning hours, quite excited to explore a new piece of Earth. Since we chose to drive, we had pre-booked our car online. We wanted a car with more space so that we could fit all our luggage in it. We opted for Audi- A8, a German-made luxury car, after all, thats the charm of driving in Europe. Audi-A8 has a beautiful interior and comes with inbuilt GPS and smart parking options. The car was a bit bigger for the parking lots though, we noticed all the parking lots in Spain were very small to fit a bigger car. When I noticed more, people actually had smaller cars, nothing like Range Rovers, Land Cruisers, or Ford Expedition. We have been driving an 8 seater for since long so quite used to big cars but this one was a challenge to park, I had to literally stand outside to help my husband to park.

We drove to the town center where we had booked an apartment in the middle of the city. It was an amazing location that had most of the major tourist attractions within walking distance. We checked in somewhere at 2 pm, we were jetlagged, hadnt slept in like 24 hours due to flights, transits, and all. We took shower one by one and hit the bed, kids slept immediately but we couldnt, we were quite excited to roam around. The only pain in booking downtown accommodation is parking, its always not available and public parking is expensive. We actually went for an apartment this time, they had a special deal with the parking lot and it cost us a few fewer Euros.

We chose the apartment-style vacation this time and ditched the hotels. The furnished apartment was spacious, had a fully equipped kitchen, TV, microwave, fridge, and even a washing machine. Its just perfect for our family, there are supermarkets nearby so we could buy some stuff and cooked a few meals at home. We stayed in Madrid for 2 nights and our kids loved that apartment the most out of all in Spain.

Madrid likes its graffiti, there are graffitis painted all around the central town. Im glad we chose to stay in the middle of the town enter in Gran Via. Extremely convenient with kids, we walked all over and then could come back to the room whenever we wanted, most of the major attractions are walking distance from the center. As we arrived in Madrid at the weekend, the streets were full of people. There are two kinds, one that sleeps in early and walks during the day and the other sleeps till late afternoon and explores the nightlife. The couples on E-scooters, little kids sitting on daddys shoulders while mom looks her best walking on the side. I am so amazed to see the elderly couples all dressed up in fancy trendy clothing and walking hands to hands. These people have great ways to enjoy life, after all, weve only got one life.

We were out until past midnight on the first day, Madrid is a city that never sleeps. The next day, we explored a few more places with kids, a lot of walking in the city. If youre a die-hard football fan, dont miss the Real Madrid stadium, its more fun where there is a live game. We wanted to visit but there was no game during those days. Shopping is great in downtown, most of the renowned brands have stores, and summer deals are awesome. Spain is famous for its food and drinks, Gran via has some of the best-rated restaurants. If you have time, do visit the theatres for some Flamenco shows and some world-class shows. Some of the great attractions in Madrid are here below and we could walk to all these places:

  1. Royal Palace of Madrid
  2. Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia
  3. Prado Muse
  4. Puerta del Sol: The Heart of the City
  5. Gran Via
  6. Jardines Del Descubrimiento
  7. Plaza de Santa Ana
  8. Universidad
  9. Madrid- Palacio
  10. Plaza de Callao
  11. Justicia
  12. Madrid Cortes District
  13. Plaza de Cibeles
  14. Paseo de Recoletos
  15. National Library of Spain

We booked 2 nights in Madrid just to rest and relax before we start the road trip around Spain. We were jetlagged and needed to prepare the body before we hit the roads. Kids could sleep in the car but the driver needs to rest, I was in the front seat so couldnt afford to sleep as well. We planned to leave for Bibosa, Sab Sebastien, and Pamplona on the 3rd day. We had booked a night in Pamplona but we passed by the other two destinations on our way. We changed the route to explore these destinations as the other route looked boring on maps.

So after spending, 2 days and 2 nights in Madrid, we slept early that night and packed up everything so that we could leave during the wee hours. We had 584 km to drive on our 3rd day in Spain, pretty excited to see whats in store for us.