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Paella making night at Flooka Dubai

New year, new places and new choices. People are making new resolutions about being healthy and fit. This generation is more about knowing what they eat and what is being used in their food. Seafood is always a nourishing option for people and when it is combined with flavor and ambiance it accumulates the value.

We visited Flooka at Dubai Marine Beach Resort last Thursday night. Flooka is a Seafood restaurant in Mediterranean style. The hotel is a hub of popular nightclubs, bars, and restaurants. Flooka offers majestic Burj Khalifa and Business Bay views on one side and ocean view on the other. Guests can also enjoy the spectacular fireworks from the terrace of Flooka. We loved the ambiance; garden views are also mesmerizing. Shisha is available for shisha lovers.

Flooka offers, offering such seafood mezzes as makanek, traditional Lebanese mini sausages made the Flooka way with fresh fish instead of lamb; the scrumptious fish taouk (kebab) marinated in Arabian spices and charcoal grilled; or delicate croquettes, lightly breaded deep-fried gruyere and prawn patties.

Flooka also boasts a traditional clay oven) where fresh tannour bread is baked to order. Mains include fish steamed in rock salt. You can also choose from an array of fish and shellfish from the ice display and have it cooked in the clay oven, charcoal grilled or deep fried. Although its a seafood restaurant there are a lot of vegetarian options to try.

Flooka was celebrating Paella making night. Paella is a Spanish rice dish; many people view Paella as Spains national dish. Types of paella include Valencian paella, vegetable paella, seafood paella, and mixed paella, among many others. Valencian paella is believed to be the original recipe and consists of white rice, green beans, meat (chicken and rabbit, sometimes duck), beans or butterbeans, sometimes snails, and seasonings such as saffron and rosemary. Another very common but seasonal ingredient is artichokes. All types of paellas use olive oil.

Flooka is a place to chill with friends after work or with family on weekends. The live singing at Flooka was out of the world. Ive never heard a strong live singer anywhere else. I just loved it, the lady is a Rockstar. The ambiance is phenomenal, nice, breezy and romantic. The ocean view makes it exceptional. We loved the time we spent at Flooka and hoping to return soon.

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