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Why Job Portals are still a better choice for Job Seekers?

Job seeking can be a triggering process associated with mental trauma, the sense of losing the grounds and financial security. For a person who is desperately looking for a well-paying job while maintaining his dignity, this can be a brutal experience. There are agencies, company websites, referrals and numerous job portals available in the market. So how do you find a perfect option?

The growing number of recruitment agencies and social media websites have left the Jobseekers in a dilemma. Which source they can trust and refer to when it comes to Job seeking? A company still hires talented employees and professional aspirants still seek for guidance, which road to take?

Building a relationship with a head hunter is always recommended as they can guide you and put you forward if there is a suitable opportunity. Referrals are very efficient as well, make sure to keep in touch with your old colleagues and ex-bosses and maintain harmony. These are the key people who would immediately refer you when they move, most of the vacant positions are still filled with references.

Job portal still plays a vital role in the job seeking process. They reach the employers as well as job seekers. Its a one-stop shop for both the parties to land in the time of need. Finding talent is crucial for companies and finding the right employer is the same. Job portals will provide you with a wide range of jobs and job seekers.

The recruitment process has changed in the past decade. There are hundreds of Job portals now than ever before and headhunters are growing like mushrooms. Too many choices can confuse a person, its better to find your niche. Research about companies catering to the jobs in your sector. They specialize in job roles, industry and region and provide the best for you.

Job Portals mostly charge companies a decent annual fee where the candidates can apply for their jobs free of cost. There is no charge to the candidates. It works like a matchmaking engine where the candidate applies for a job and the CV directly lands in the inbox of the recruiter/ HR head. The candidate has more chances to be reviewed.

Any company wont have open positions all 365 days in the year but then the other company could have a requirement. Database Search increases the chances of hiring as some companies dont post positions but search database as per their requirement. It is also important to update your profile regularly. It gives you a better chance of finding the next suitable position. Inactive profiles with inoperative contact details will put off the recruiter.

There are active and passive candidates in the market, maybe you are not looking for a job right now but would want to see how is the market performing. Job board regularly sends reminders to notify about the latest vacancies matching your role.

Another positive experience with a Job Portal is saving yourself from scams. Recruitment frauds are increasing, they get the attention of job seekers through social media and other platforms. Job portals verify the companies and jobs posted on them are genuine.

One important suggestion for all would be to read the job description very carefully as the company could have a requirement based on the position, it also depends on the work culture and region. Some positions would only demand females rather than men. Once you have read the description hit apply now and your CV would reach the employer. If it matches their job description and expectations, you could be invited for an interview or receive a phone call.

HR professionals get hundreds of resumes on the daily basis, reviewing them and responding to them one by one is an overtiring job. Some companies work with automated emails to candidates, some dont at all. In some cases, when you apply for a job and dont hear from the company. It would highly mean that you were not shortlisted for the position. In that case, please give a maximum 14 days to that job, if you still didnt hear from them then proceed to another job role.

Sometimes, it just must click, right time and the right person for the right job. So far, thousands have people have permanent jobs through Job Portals For hospitality jobs and job seekers, logon to, it is the world of opportunities. Hope you find yours soon!