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Exploring the altitude of 36000 feet

The clouds fluffy as cotton balls sometimes faking as mountain terrains, adventures, as they can ever be, are all part of magical nature. Oh, how can I miss to adore them!

Sitting at an altitude of 36000 feet, 1543 miles away from our departure destination Dubai and 2088 miles to our new destination Glasgow. Somewhere on European skies, closer to Turkey, I can sight the Black Sea far on the right. Serpentine roads seem so quirky from up here and the sea rather looks quite small on the airplane map.

Amongst the chain of mountains, some are lush green as broccoli and some are barren as a desert but theyve been kind and polite to give way to a crystal clear turquoise river. The aerial view contemplates a map of some country.

Small villages, green grasslands, lakes, and ponds are all visible from my chosen window seat. More and more green mountains on our way, far away I can see rolling farmlands.

I wonder how some of these lakes have got rich green color, the same color apparel would look so pretty on white skin. Well, as I look closer the Black Sea is not that small after all.

Dense forests have covered the landscapes beneath and we are now proceeding to Germany. The sunlight doesnt allow me to capture a shot of the coastline though it looks divine from up here.

The horizon separates the sea from the sky, I find no difference. For me, its the same blue but a light, a hazy line is still visible. Talking about the Black Sea, I turn back to the movies until we reach the land again, and here I found Black sea in the collections, lets see whats that all about.

Well, the movie had coarse language but an absolute adventure thriller. We are almost reaching Glasgow in 40 minutes. The temperature outside is 15 degrees, from 50 degrees in Dubai to now 15 deg in Scotland. God, it would be fun!

Scotland looks like a small island in the North Sea, a part of the United Kingdom. This will be our first trip to any country in the UK though we have transited through Heathrow airport before. As we descend, pounding clouds welcome us to the country, hope it doesnt rain much during our stay!

We are hoping to win a trophy for UAE in UDO World Dance Championship! Excitement is in the air, competitions begin tomorrow. Team Japan has boarded our flight but our team is flying in a different aircraft.

Landed in Glassgow, we will be taking a train to Edinburgh today to stay overnight, heard its magnificent! Itll be a new and exciting ride for our little one, lets explore yet another city and country together!