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Hidden Gem on top of Hajjar Mountains- Hotel Review of Sama Hotel

"I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery air, mountains, trees, people. I thought This is what it is to be happy". ― Sylvia Plath

One day in paradise is not enough, you need more time to thrive and enchant the soul. On our recent trip to Jabal Akhdar, we found a hidden gem. Shanfari Group of hotels recently opened a 60-room property on top of the mountains. 46 spacious rooms with the ravishing view of the canyon, and the exotic view of sunrise or sunset. 14 single bedroom chalet which offers a beautiful view of the canyon with a private garden setting.

Keep your adrenaline thriving as the drive from Nizwa to Jabal Akhdar includes series of hairpin bends, steep climbs and gradients, and spectacular mountain views. Only 4 WD can drive past the police check post, make sure to abide by the speed rules of 35km/h on 4H or 4A as you go uphill and 4L as you come downhill. This drive is not less than a rollercoaster fun.

Sama hotel is located at 2000 meters above sea level, the area has small villages, a marketplace, and a petrol station. Surrounded by the mighty Hajjar mountains, Sama Hotels boats on the jaw-dropping views. The air feels so fresh and the glimpse of sunset and sunrise are mesmerizing. The stoned architecture blends very well with the mountains.

The moment you enter the hotel, there is a sense of freshness as its a brand-new property. The pool and jacuzzi overlook the mountains, there is a viewpoint which gives an even better glance of canyons. Kids play area at the hotel is any families delight. Sama hotel organizes barbeque nights every Friday and Saturday for hotel guests on their outdoor deck.

The hotel gym on the top floor with mountain views will amuse and motivate you to work-out. The rooms are spacious, we stayed in a chalet which open to the pool in front and to kids park in the park. The clouds deceived us and held the sun for us to miss the opportunity of exploring another sunset and sunrise in paradise. The night was pleasantly cooler.

The barbecue on the mountain deck was great. Kids enjoyed splashing in the pool and jacuzzi and played in the park. All hotel rooms are well equipped with all necessities and modern luxuries. Kids were electrified to watch their favorite videos on their Smart TVs.

We woke up sipping masala chai on the porch, relaxing in the heavenly climate. The breakfast at the restaurant was decent, best suited for Arabic as well as European guests. Well, I found some of my favorite things on the buffet. For lunch, we ordered and relished an Indian meal with some fritters as the starters.

The hotel has still opened fully and will launch officially in November 2018. We are happy to explore another gem in heart of nature and wish to come back soon.